How You Can Protect Your Carpet

Here at The Steam Team, we’re always looking for ways to keep carpet cleaner. Sometimes we can even do this without steam cleaning, although we always recommend having your carpet deep cleaned every so often. But until then, let’s look at three different ways you can protect your carpet from wear and tear! 

Remove Shoes at the Entrance

This is among the most simple things you can do to protect your carpet: remove yours and everyone else’s shoes at the entrance to your home. You can purchase a decorative basket or shoe rack for the shoes to stay while you have guests over! Turn this simple way of protecting your carpet into a fun and easy DIY project. 

Decorate With Area Rugs

Area rugs are another great way we can protect our carpet from wear and tear! We’re not saying you should cover all of your carpet. Just maybe those areas that receive the highest amount of foot traffic, like entryways, hallways, and living rooms. Lay area rugs down to prevent more wear and tear, and enjoy decorating your home while you do it! 

Deep Clean Your Carpet

Eliminate stains and signs of wear and tear by having your carpet deep cleaned occasionally! A professional-grade steam cleaning machine, like the ones we have here at The Steam Team, are powerful enough to extract dirt and grime from the fibers of your carpet, but gentle enough not to harm the carpet itself! So if it’s been a while since your carpet has seen the professionals, give The Steam Team a call. We have plenty of experience in both protecting and cleaning carpet; you’ll be amazed by our results! 

Don’t hesitate. Give The Steam Team a call today. They’ll provide a clean that you can truly trust, and one that will last a while, too! 

How to Help Your Tile Look its Best

Tile and grout are often neglected on chore day due to the effort that goes into cleaning them; we totally get it! That’s why we offer our services to anyone in need of tile and grout cleaning! The Steam Team is an experienced group of professionals who’ve been serving the Austin community for over a decade, so we know exactly how to treat your tile and grout. But until we arrive, here are a few tips for keeping your tile looking its best!

Sweeping and Mopping

When it comes to keeping tile clean, sweeping and mopping are essential to your cleaning routine. You simply can’t escape it! Use your trusty floor cleaner, as long as it’s approved for tile and grout, and get to mopping! Make sure you’re changing out the water as frequently as it becomes dirty to prevent smudges on your flooring.


Every now and then, you have to get out the old scrub brush and get to scrubbing on your tile floor! Just make sure you aren’t using anything that’s abrasive, so that you don’t scratch or damage your beautiful tile!

Steam Cleaning

Steam cleaning is by far the best method of cleaning for tile and grout. Only a steam cleaner can reach deep within the pores of grout and extract dirt and debris, and by using nothing except hot water and high water pressure! We always recommend steam cleaning over other methods of cleaning.

If your tile and grout is in need of some TLC, don’t hesitate to give The Steam Team a call! We’re available 24/7 to come help you out. You don’t even have to worry about scrubbing your tile; you can skip that step altogether and move onto steam cleaning! So don’t wait! Give The Steam Team a call today.

Cleaning Bathroom Tile Through the Humidity

Tile is one of the best materials for areas such as the kitchen and bathrooms for multiple reasons. First, it makes for easy-to-clean messes and it can withstand high temperatures and humidity. However, depending on the amount of space between your tiles, you might need to pay a little extra attention to these areas. The grout between your tiles is far more porous than the tile and is unfortunately susceptible to stains from spills and other messes.

Avoid Harsh Chemicals

Start off with the most simple, basic, least acidic cleaning solution and work your way up, if you need to. You can try mixtures of vinegar and water, or a paste of baking soda. This is the hard part: use a stiff cleaning brush to scrub the grout, putting in your best effort! Don’t forget to rinse the grout with water, and thoroughly dry the area to prevent mold growth.

Always Look for Mold

Small areas with such high humidity make the perfect environments for mold growth. Whenever you’re cleaning your bathrooms, make sure to look in those hard-to-reach places for signs of mold (areas such as behind the toilet, under the sink, and around the bathtub or shower).

Steam Cleaning Tile & Grout

Steam cleaning is an extremely effective and efficient way to clean tile and grout. Using only pressurized water and intensely hot steam, a steam cleaner easily extracts grime from the pores of grout- and you don’t have to put in nearly as much effort! Consider either renting a steam cleaning machine, or hiring the professionals to come out and restore your bathroom to its original, pristine condition.

Our professionals are highly trained and use the latest equipment to tackle tile and grout cleaning. If you’ve encountered mold or think you may see the beginnings of mold growth, give us a call and we’ll come out to take a look and begin treatment if need be.

5 Basic Benefits of Steam Cleaning

So you’ve decided to start steam cleaning, eh? Well, it’s about time! There are many benefits to steam cleaning over other methods of cleaning. Today we’re here to cover just five of them! But we do hope you’ll look further into steam cleaning because it’s just the way to go, in our opinion!

Provides a Chemical-Free Clean

Because steam cleaning only uses hot water and high water pressure, there aren’t any chemicals involved! If you’re renting a machine, you’ll save money on cleaning supplies! If you’re hiring the professionals, you’ll be amazed at the chemical-free clean and the lack of leftover residue!

Is Perfectly Safe For Children and Pets

And of course, since there aren’t any chemicals involved in the cleaning process, steam cleaning is perfectly safe for the environment- this includes your children and pets!

Removes Allergens

If you’re living in the Austin area, you know good and well the kind of allergens you’re fighting. But steam cleaning greatly helps with that battle! A professional-grade steam cleaner can remove allergens from your carpeting, allowing you to breathe easier!

Removes Stains and Discoloration

If you have any carpet stains or discoloration, steam cleaning is great for removing them! It reaches deep within the fibers of your carpet and extracts dirt, grime, and stains from your carpeting! It’look brand new when we’re finished with it!

Can Be Done by the Professionals

The best part, and probably the greatest benefit to steam cleaning, is that it can be done by someone else. And not just anyone else, but the experts! You don’t have to lift a finger!

No matter what stage of spring cleaning you’re in, or what you need for us to do in your home, The Steam Team is here for you! From carpet cleaning, to tile and grout, to countertops and window blinds, we can cover it all! And all you have to do is make a phone call!

5 Places You Probably Forgot to Clean Last Year

Last year while you were spring cleaning, did you miss a few places? It’s easy to do! That’s why we’ve developed a checklist of sorts, to make sure you don’t repeat the same mistakes. Here are five places you might’ve missed last year but definitely don’t want to miss this year!


Air Ducts


Air ducts are notorious for hoarding allergens like dust, dander, and pollen! Have your air ducts checked regularly to make sure they aren’t worsening your allergies, or causing unnecessary mess in your home!


Dryer Vents


When it comes to dryer maintenance, cleaning out the lint traps is great, and should be done frequently. But dryer vents are often neglected. This year, why not call in the professionals to come out and clean your dryer vents? You’ll save energy, and cash in the long run!




Baseboards are also known for holding in dust and dirt, and are often neglected on cleaning day. This spring, let’s turn that all around, friends! Run you floor mop along the baseboards to give them a deep cleaning, too!


Window Blinds


Window blinds are dusty and dirty and difficult to clean. But the latter is not the case with steam cleaning! In fact, The Steam Team can most likely steam clean them right from where they hang! No need to take them down or tub wash them. Just call in the professionals!




It’s time… time to finally tackle that grout. What better time than spring cleaning, though? Overtime, our tile and grout experiences enough foot traffic to cause discoloration or even staining. Grout is porous in nature; it absorbs stains more easily. Thankfully, steam cleaning can clean that grout right up!


If you’re in need of a hand this springtime, don’t hesitate to call in The Steam Team! The Steam Team is a team of trained experts who excel in cleaning and restoration projects! So don’t wait; call us in today!

Tile and Grout After Steam Cleaning

Are you having trouble keeping your tile and grout clean? Don’t worry; this is a universal issue when it comes to owning a home or office with tile and grout. It’s flat out difficult to keep clean- but not impossible! With a professional grade steam cleaner, you can eradicate the grime that exists in the pores of that pesky grout, and keep that tile looking perfectly brilliant!


Why Does Grout Stain So Easily?


Why does grout stain so easily? Well, to put it simply, grout is porous in nature. This unfortunately allows for it to almost effortlessly absorb dirt and grime. Of course, this causes discoloration and staining. Suddenly, that grout doesn’t match your tile! Oops! Time to call in a professional steam cleaner (like The Steam Team).


What Can We Do About It?


What happens when your tile and grout need a thorough deep cleaning? You call in a professional steam cleaner! A professional steam cleaner can come in, inspect your home and/or office, and begin the dirty process of extracting dirt and grime deep within the pores of your grout! After the professionals are finished, your tile grout should look brand new.


Choose The Steam Team


The Steam Team has been serving the community of Austin, TX for over a decade now, and thus has plenty of experience (not to mention: expertise) under their belt! They’re your absolute best bet for tile and grout cleaning in this area!

The Steam Team knows exactly what to do with your tile and grout. And don’t worry; our technicians will perform a walkthrough and review their results before leaving your home! Give The Steam Team a call today, or visit our website to view our list of services! We may be able to help you in more ways than one!

Is Tile As Tough As it Looks?

Ah, tile flooring… it feels cool beneath our feet, looks beautiful in our living areas and kitchens- and generally everywhere! But how easy is it to maintain? And what are the benefits to installing tile flooring over other types of flooring? Well, we’re about to cover that and a little bit more! Stay tuned to learn all about the benefits of tile flooring, and how to care for it!


Benefits to Tile Flooring


Tile is an incredibly durable type of flooring! It takes a lot of force to break, scratch, or otherwise damage tile flooring. It’s also perfect for areas near a lot of moisture (as long as it’s sealed!) like bathrooms and kitchens. Ceramic tiles have a layer that protects them from the perils of water and stain penetration!


Taking Care of Tile


When it comes to taking care of tile over the years, it’s important to make sure you’re incorporating a lot of mopping and sweeping into your cleaning routines. When mopping, you can use a mild detergent, a homemade remedy from white vinegar, or even plain water! And on occasion, don’t forget to steam clean your tile flooring to extract all of that grime from its grout!


Rely on The Steam Team


The Steam Team has been at this for over a decade, friends! We’re more than happy to help you care for your tile flooring! Just give us a call today, or log online to view the services that we offer! You’re bound to be impressed with the results we leave behind!

It’s true- The Steam Team really does care about the condition of your tile, and is made up of a team of experts who specialize in cleaning and restoration. So don’t hesitate; if your tile needs a little TLC, or you’d like a thorough deep cleaning, give The Steam Team a call!

3 Tips for Keeping Tile and Grout Clean in Austin Texas

Are you noticing the grime build up and take over your tile and grout? It happens easily; grout is porous in nature and therefore easily absorbs liquids. This causes staining and discoloration! But it’s not a lost cause. With a few good practices put in place, and the help of a professional clean and restoration company, like The Steam Team, we can keep your tile and grout looking clean and bright- easily!


Prevent Spills and Accidents


The first step to keeping tile clean is to just be very, very careful. Try your best to prevent spills and accidents by keeping liquids away from the tiled floor (unless you’re in the kitchen, of course), and tend to accidents immediately. Remember that the faster you handle a spill, the less likely it is to stain!


Scrub, Scrub, Scrub!


After sweeping and mopping comes scrubbing! It can’t be avoided, unless you’ve decided to steam clean your tile and grout. Otherwise, scrubbing it is. Grab your scrub brush and your household tile cleaner and bust out that elbow grease! You’re going to need it.


Steam Cleaning Tile and Grout


We always recommend steam cleaning when it comes to caring for tile and grout. There are many benefits to this type of cleaning; for instance, it cleans without chemicals, and therefore won’t damage your tile and grout. It easily extracts dirt and grime from deep within the pores of grout, and leaves it looking like new! It’s efficient, effective, and perfectly safe for the environment. All it uses is hot water, and high water pressure.

The Steam Team has over a decade of experience in cleaning and caring for tile and grout! If you let us take over the job, we’ll be sure to do it right, and do it right the first time. Don’t be shy; give us a call today!

Time to Go Green: Eliminating Chemicals from Your Household Cleaners

Are you looking to go a bit more green? Maybe it’s time to eliminate those pesky chemicals from your household (for good this time). As always, we encourage you to start steam cleaning your home right now so that you can protect your family from potentially harmful chemicals, but there are other great reasons to steam clean, too! Let’s delve into a few of them: steam cleaning cleans without chemicals, doesn’t leave behind any harmful residue, and also kills other pesky substances like germs, bacteria, and allergens!


Cleans Without Using Chemicals


As we mentioned before, steam cleaning cleans your home without using any chemicals. There won’t be any bleach, or specially formulated cleaning products. The only thing a steam cleaner uses is hot water, and high water pressure! That’s what makes it such an incredibly safe method of cleaning- and that’s why we’re always pushing you to start right now.


Doesn’t Leave Behind Any Residue


Since a steam cleaning machine doesn’t use any chemicals, there is no residue to be left behind. This makes steam cleaning an even safer option for cleaning in your home, especially if you have small children or pets in the household.


Kills Germs, Bacteria, Dust Mites, Etc


Even better news: Not only will you be eliminating chemicals from your household with steam cleaning, but you’ll also be killing germs, bacteria, dust mites, allergens, and more! This is really important if you have members of the household who have allergies. They’ll be so relieved!


The Steam Team has over a decade of experience under their belt, and the right tools and equipment for any cleaning and restoration job. If you home is looking a little dingy and you’re looking for some help restoring it to its original, cleaner, more pristine condition, call The Steam Team! We’ll be out in no time, and eager to help!

3 Tips to Keep Your Rugs Clean During The Holidays

Although the eggnog, wine, and leftovers have their way of winding up on the carpet during the holidays, there are ways to combat stains! Here’s a quick guide to three things you can do to keep stains off of your floors through the holidays! So happy holidays, and happy cleaning!


Find a Festive Doormat


It’s smart to place doormats at the entrances of your home. Doormats help to catch dust, dirt, and other substances that stick to our shoes before they have the opportunity to reach our flooring. This can keep carpet looking new for much longer, and certainly makes cleaning day easier! It’s a simple solution to a not-so-simple problem!


Clean Up Spills Immediately


No matter how many glasses of wine you’ve had… (just kidding), spills must be cleaned up immediately after they happen. We’re not kidding about that part! The longer a spill sits on an area of your flooring, the more likely it is to permanently stain. So keep your cleaning supplies handy, and your eye out for spills and accidents! They’re bound to happen, no matter how careful we are.


Spread a Rug Out


Do you have a festive rug hanging out with all of your holiday decorations?Maybe it’s time to bring it out! You can protect your carpet (or hardwood, marble, etc) flooring from stains by simply covering it up! So utilize those are and oriental rugs that you’ve been storing! Plus, they easily spice up the look of a room!

And as always, don’t forget that The Steam Team is here for you this holiday season! From carpet stains to tile, grout, and hardwood flooring, we can cover it all! We have the right equipment, expertise, and experience for any job. So if you need help keeping stains off of your floors this season, give The Steam Team a call!

Tile Cleaning Austin

Tile looks beautiful in our homes, and comes in a wide array of colors and textures! But the downside of tile (there’s always a downside, isn’t there?) is that it can be difficult to keep clean! Grout is porous in nature, and thus absorbs stains quite easily, causing staining, discoloration, and a lot of frustration! So let’s discuss ways in which we can care for and clean our tile and grout!


Seal Your Grout


Sealing your grout is a great way to keep it protected. It fills the seams between tile, and helps it absorb less materials like dirt, dust, sand, and general grime.


Mop Frequently


Mopping is necessary for keeping tile clean. As much as we want to procrastinate it, or simply not do it- there’s no getting around it, friends! So grab your preferred mop and cleaner and get to cleaning! When deciding on which type of cleaner to use, always start with the most mild detergents first. Then work your way up if you find that your selected cleaner isn’t performing how you expected. The frequency at which you mop will depend on how much foot traffic your floor receives. Once a week might be a good medium! Voted best tile and grout cleaning company in Austin. 


Tips for Scrubbing Grout


You can scrub your grout to clean off the gunk and grime. But the #1 rule for scrubbing grout is to not use abrasive materials. This is obviously so that you won’t damage your tile or grout; scratching is easily caused by abrasive scrubbing materials.

Remember, if your grout is just too much to handle, The Steam Team is standing by, ready to help! We have over a decade of experience cleaning and caring for tile and grout, as well as other types of flooring and surfaces. So when it doubt about tile and grout, rely on The Steam Team!

The In's and Out's of Cleaning in Austin

Upholstered furniture is a gorgeous addition to your home furniture, no matter where you plan on putting it. Between matching the color of the fabric, the surroundings of the room, and figuring out what pattern speaks to you -- it’s not an easy task to find furniture that works, so when you’ve found the perfect piece, we know how important it is to make that piece last and keep it looking pristine while it lasts. We were voted the best cleaning company in Austin. 


When Life Throws You Curve Balls


Between pets, kids, foods, drinks- our list could go on and on, it isn’t long before that precious piece of furniture is looking worn or even faded. If you need cleaning in Austin call us today. 


There are countless products in the market that might seem like an easy fix, and they might work temporarily, but nothing is going to clean your furniture quite like a professional who knows what they’re doing.


Calling in The Professionals: The Steam Team


While the Steam Team is known for creating floors that sparkle, carpets that feel soft and look pristine again, and fixing tragic fire and water damage, we also pride ourselves on our ability to make upholstery look like it was just purchased. From dirt and grime to those pesky pet accidents (and yes, they really are accidents…), steam cleaning has proven to be one of the most effective and efficient methods of removing stains.


The hardest part of cleaning upholstery is finding a product that works on every type of fabric, not just your fabric. What about other furniture around the house? Surely it’s not all the same color, same type, same pattern, etc. Versatility is key when it comes to cleaning, and that’s why steam cleaning is so ideal for the home and office.


If you’re looking at those pesky stains now, or even thinking about them, give The Steam Team of Austin a call today! 

Taking a Toll on Tile: What Not to Do When Cleaning Tile

Are you taking a toll on your tile? There are many things we can do that aren’t so great for tile, and we might not know we’re doing them. Below you’ll find a great list of don’ts when it comes to tile care, and we’ll also explain how The Steam Team can help you keep your flooring clean. We are Austin's tile and grout cleaning experts


Don’t Use Abrasive Tools


Never use abrasive tools, or anything like steel wool to clean your tile flooring. They easily damage the finishing. Soft mops and sponges are usually all that’s needed!


Don’t Let Stains Sit


Don’t forget to not let stains sit! The longer they sit, the more likely they are to stay.


Be Careful With Your Vacuum


Not all vacuums are suitable for tile flooring. Make sure yours is set to the correct setting at all times. Don’t use a vacuum’s beater bar on tile flooring as it may scratch or dull the finish.


Don’t Forget to Sweep and Mop


It’s not too difficult to frequently sweep and mop your tile floors, and it does wonders at preventing damage to both the tile and grout. Lightly sweep on the daily, and mop once a week; as long as you don’t have intense foot traffic, you should be good to go!


Don’t Forget Your Door Mats!


Catch that dirt before it has an opportunity to reach your tile! Place doormats at all entrances to your home, as most dirt that enters the home does so through our shoes. Doormats are extremely helpful in keeping your flooring clean- we just don’t think about it all the time!

We hope you aren’t making these mistakes, but if you are, at least now you know what to do! Follow these guidelines and your tile will continue to sparkle! And don’t forget- The Steam Team is always on your side. We know that it’s easy to neglect tile floors because they’re so difficult to clean, so leave the job to us. We’ll take expert care of your tile and grout!

3 Expert Tips For Cleaning Your Home: The Steam Team of Austin

Voted best in Austin for cleaning 

Voted best in Austin for cleaning 

When it comes to keeping any type of flooring clean, vacuuming is a huge part of the process. Often times it can be difficult to gauge how often your home needs a thorough vacuuming, but it really all comes down to one factor: foot traffic. This factor obviously changes in different areas of the home, but the heavier the foot traffic, the more often you’ll need to break out the vacuum. Today on our blog, we’re sharing three tips from the experts about vacuuming and keeping your home clean in general. We also clean residential and commercial air ducts



Typically, carpet should be vacuumed about once a week, but when you have pets, kids, or a large amount of people in the house -- the frequency for certain areas may increase.


Our first tip is to figure out a vacuuming schedule that works best for the areas around your home. You should never be able to see dirt in your carpets with the naked eye, which is why most professionals recommend vacuuming at least weekly. Throw a couple pets and kids in the mix, you may need to vacuum 2-3 times per week just to keep the dirt and other grime at a minimum. Voted best rug cleaning company in Austin, Texas



Next, the best way to eliminate dirt particles in your carpets is to avoid them entering your home at all. Children’s shoes are the biggest culprit of mess when it comes to tracking things around the house, we always suggest leaving the shoes at the entrance of the home.



The Steam Team is a team of trained experts who have many years of experience in professional carpet cleaning. If your carpet is in need of a deep cleaning, don’t hesitate- pick up the phone and give us a call! We’re available 24/7 to help you out! One last service you might not know about is our tile cleaning service

5 Cleaning Myths - BUSTED! Austin TX Rug Cleaning

Cleaning Up Water Damage In Austin 

Cleaning Up Water Damage In Austin 

Homeowners are always questioning whether their cleaning methods are proper, or if they should be doing something else. There are all sorts of myths out there that we can debunk! So let’s take a glance at a few myths about steam cleaning and carpet cleaning, and figure out whether or not they’re true! Austin Texas Rug Cleaning.


Myth #1 Steam Cleaning WIll Leave Too Much Moisture in my Carpet


False! While a steam cleaning machine uses moisture, you’ll have no need to worry about mold! The Steam Team uses a vacuum that removes 85% of moisture- and we will never leave you with wet carpet!


Myth #2 My Carpet Doesn’t Need Steam Cleaning - Household Cleaners Will Do


Busted! Household cleaners can only do so much, reach so far into your carpet fibers, and sometimes they make matters worse. They could also leave behind a residue that a steam cleaner definitely won’t leave. Rug Cleaning in Austin, Texas.


Myth #3 My Carpet is Clean “Enough”


Not always true. Your carpet may look fine on the surface, but deep down, you’ve no idea what’s lurking underneath. A steam cleaner extracts dirt, dust, dander, and so much more from way within your carpet fibers- leaving it clean and pristine.


Myth #4 I have a Great Cleaning Routine - I Don’t Need Professionals


While we’re happy to hear you’ve established an effective cleaning routine, it’s true that every carpet needs professional treatment from time to time. You won’t regret calling in the professionals. There’s just something about knowing that your carpet is truly in tip top shape!


Myth #5 Steam Cleaning Uses Harsh Chemicals


Another myth busted! All that The Steam Team cleans with is intense heat, and pressurized water. No chemicals or cleaning solutions… nothing. It’s completely safe for your family and the environment!


Don’t hesitate… give The Steam Team Austin a call today! We’ll have your carpet looking fantastic in no time! Area Rug Cleaning Professionals! 

5 Cleaning Mistakes to Avoid During the Summer In Austin, Texas

Grout Cleaning

Grout Cleaning

It’s summertime, and we sure can feel it! Temperatures are rising (along with humidity), and we’re trying our best to keep our homes clean. The door is constantly opening and children and pets are running through the house at random, causing dirt to pile up in the corners of our kitchens and living rooms. But don’t sweat it! We’re going to review a few tips for what not to do this summer while cleaning. And if worse comes to worst, The Steam Team is always standing by to help you out! The best cleaning company in Austin, Texas for grout cleaning.


Mistake # 1: Cleaning in the Incorrect Order


So, when you set out to clean, where do you start? Most people feel tempted to start with the floor- maybe because it bugs us so much. But this is actually a mistake. Start cleaning upward and work your way down; this way, the dust and debris will settle onto the floor, and you can clean it up last.


Mistake # 2: Relying on General Cleaning Products - For Everything


It’s important to read labels on cleaning products to ensure you’re not going to damage your leather sofa, or your carpet, or the countertops, etc! For example, steam cleaning is great for a variety of surfaces, but not hardwood flooring! Know the rules before you begin cleaning.


Mistake # 3: Setting the Wrong Expectations for Time Spent Cleaning


It could take time. A lot of time. And it’s important that you’re aware of this so that you you’re able to thoroughly clean, instead of having to rush toward the end of your allotted time.


Mistake # 4: Clogging Up the Vacuum Cleaner


Be sure to change the vacuum cleaner filter often, or else your vacuuming will be futile. There’s nothing worse than having to redo a cleaning job!


Mistake # 5: Not Taking Your Time


Lastly, take your time while cleaning. Catch every nook and cranny. You’ll be thankful in the long run- we promise!


For expert cleaning or advice, contact The Steam Team. We’ll thoroughly clean your home- without all of the hassle! The Steam Team 222 West Ave. Austin, Texas 78701

Tile and Grout: How to Bring Back the Shine in Austin, Texas

Tile and Grout Specialits 

Tile and Grout Specialits 

Ah, tile and its corresponding grout… despite the color of your grout, inevitably it will change shades- and not for the better! It’s difficult to keep grout clean, and even more challenging to keep it in its new, pristine condition. Fortunately for you, though, The Steam Team can help out. If we’re not coming out to your house, you can still read further for some handy tips on keeping tile and grout as clean as possible!


Tile and Grout Cleaning


Restoring tile and grout is no easy feat. It can be taxing on the body if you utilize the scrubbing method (scrubbing on your hands and knees with an old toothbrush- we’ve all done it, and we’ve all despised it). You’ll want to choose a method and product that is safe for your family and home, and one that is relatively easy- especially on your body!


Non-Steam Cleaning Method


Try using powdered oxygen bleach! It’s non-toxic and therefore safe for your family, pets, and even fabrics. This method works brilliantly to remove stains, even stains as tough as red wine. Mix powdered oxygen bleach with your mop water, and go to town! Using a mop is much preferable than using that old toothbrush, so we’re confident that this method will be helpful in more ways than one.  


Steam Cleaning Tile & Grout

If you’d rather cut to the the chase, you can always trust The Steam Team with your tile and grout. Grout may be porous in nature and therefore more difficult to clean, but our professional-grade equipment easily extract dirt and grime from the grout. Whether your tile is in the bathroom, entryway, kitchen or all over your home, we’ll be able to restore it to a clean, shining state. So just give us a call- we’ll be out to help in a jiffy! Call us at 512-451-8326 today or click here