5 Places You Probably Forgot to Clean Last Year

Last year while you were spring cleaning, did you miss a few places? It’s easy to do! That’s why we’ve developed a checklist of sorts, to make sure you don’t repeat the same mistakes. Here are five places you might’ve missed last year but definitely don’t want to miss this year!


Air Ducts


Air ducts are notorious for hoarding allergens like dust, dander, and pollen! Have your air ducts checked regularly to make sure they aren’t worsening your allergies, or causing unnecessary mess in your home!


Dryer Vents


When it comes to dryer maintenance, cleaning out the lint traps is great, and should be done frequently. But dryer vents are often neglected. This year, why not call in the professionals to come out and clean your dryer vents? You’ll save energy, and cash in the long run!




Baseboards are also known for holding in dust and dirt, and are often neglected on cleaning day. This spring, let’s turn that all around, friends! Run you floor mop along the baseboards to give them a deep cleaning, too!


Window Blinds


Window blinds are dusty and dirty and difficult to clean. But the latter is not the case with steam cleaning! In fact, The Steam Team can most likely steam clean them right from where they hang! No need to take them down or tub wash them. Just call in the professionals!




It’s time… time to finally tackle that grout. What better time than spring cleaning, though? Overtime, our tile and grout experiences enough foot traffic to cause discoloration or even staining. Grout is porous in nature; it absorbs stains more easily. Thankfully, steam cleaning can clean that grout right up!


If you’re in need of a hand this springtime, don’t hesitate to call in The Steam Team! The Steam Team is a team of trained experts who excel in cleaning and restoration projects! So don’t wait; call us in today!

When is the Best Time to Clean Your Air Ducts?

Do you know when the best time is to clean your air ducts? Yes, your air ducts- the ones you’ve been neglected for far too long now! It’s the springtime, friends! That’s when it’s best to clean your air ducts. Today we’ll discuss the benefits of cleaning out your air ducts, and how The Steam Team can help you!


Why Should Air Ducts Be Cleaned?


It’s simple: you live in Austin. You live in the allergy capital of the nation! Air ducts house all kinds of allergens, like dust, dirt, pet dander, and even mold! This is precisely why air ducts should be cleaned- and especially during the springtime! After your air ducts have been cleaned you’ll be surprised at how easily you’ll breathe, and how clean the air feels!


How The Steam Team Helps


We always recommend calling in the professionals when it comes to cleaning your air ducts. The professionals will know exactly what to do and how to treat them, just as The Steam Team would. We’ve been cleaning air ducts for over ten years now! We’ll use state of the art “source removal,” equipment to thoroughly clean your air ducts from the grill, back to the main unit! We’ll get it done effortlessly, efficiently, and effectively. You’ll be more than impressed with our results, we just know it!

You can always rely on The Steam Team of Austin to get the job done correctly and quickly! From air ducts, to flooring, to window treatments are far more, our services are tried and true. For over a decade now we’ve been helping the Austin community- and we’re not stopping! So if you need your air ducts cleaned this springtime, don’t hesitate to give us a call! We’ll come out, inspect your air ducts, and make sure we don’t leave until they’re clean!

Cleaning Out the Office: Tips From the Pro's

It’s a new year, and perhaps time for a bit of change in your office! Let’s do some rearranging, redecorating, and most importantly, cleaning. Nothing feels more renewing than stepping into a freshly cleaned office! The Steam Team has five simple guidelines for you to follow if you want to keep your office as clean as possible.


Dust Regularly


Offices collect dust very quickly and need to be cleaned more than just occasionally! We can’t avoid it. Even if you aren’t thrilled about it, dust surfaces, corners, computers, and draperies on the regular.


Keep Window Blinds Clean


Window blinds trap all kinds of dust, dirt, and debris and they can be quite inconvenient to clean! Who feels like removing their blinds and washing them, or dusting each slat one by one? Fortunately, with a professional-grade steam cleaner, The Steam Team can clean your office’s blinds without even removing them!


Vacuum Often


You never know what’s lurking deep within the fibers of your carpet. Dust mites, dirt, debris, dander, and crumbs (from eating lunch at your desk) could all be hiding out in your carpet. Vacuum thoroughly at least once a week to keep the flooring looking great!


Avoid Eating at Your Desk


Try not to eat lunch at your desk! Instead, head to the break room; that’s what it’s for, right?. Besides, it can feel incredibly refreshing to step away from your work for some time. Sometimes lunch can get messy; eating at your desk will cause grime to build up faster; you simply can’t avoid spills!


Call The Steam Team


Our last one: call The Steam Team for all of your high rise cleaning needs! We have over a decade of experience cleaning office buildings, homes, apartments, retail spaces, and so many more- you can definitely rely on us to get the job done quickly!