Dear Brett, Dustin, David Marquardt and Josh Lasch,

My introduction to The Steam Team began after I had the unfortunate encounter of flooding in the kitchen. After contacting the USAA claims department they stated they would be sending over your company and start the water damage process.

Having never encountered a flooding situation, I wasn't sure what would happen. Then I was contacted by Rich Wisner of the extraction team and the relationship got off to a "roar"...literally. For 3 days we thought we were living on the Austin Bergstrom airport runway. Those extraction fans would make 747 jet engines blush! Kidding aside Rich and his Team were efficient, professional and very knowledgeable.

Now that the water was extracted, I wasn't sure what the next steps would be to get my kitchen and dining room back in order. It was Rich who told me about your construction side and that they do all the types of renovations and could handle my little mess easily.

I have to say The Steam Team name implied to me, just some company that did carpet cleaning service and now I knew they also handled water extraction. But construction and renovation just didn't seem to fit within your brand The Steam Team. So, I wasn't at all convinced I wanted to venture down this road. I have been in Austin since the 70's and a former Board Member of the HOA and I was puzzled why I hadn't heard about your construction business.

It was only after I contacted USAA about finding another construction company, that my adjuster educated me and convinced me to give your construction company a try.

I started the process and contacted your construction company and after some initial starting hiccups, I contacted the adjuster about changing, but she convinced me to proceed, but to contact Brett Cooley.

I honestly was frustrated, but I did contact Brett, and I am so glad I did. Brett is the consummate professional and I think he quickly realized that in dealing with me, as a retired and former Hospital CEO and former Chairman of the Texas Hospital Association, that I could be very challenging, due to my skepticism of not knowing your construction side.

Brett and I immediately hit it off, because I could tell very quickly that he not only knew construction, the steps in the process, but his exceptional professionalism and willingness to listen,  quickly alleviated ANY of my prior doubts.

Not only is Brett a consummate professional, but another highlight of his management style that fit into mine, was his ability to listen, and work with me on scheduling and project flow, daily task expectations and respect his team. Also, he was ALWAYS prompt and courtesy in call backs, texting and e-mailing. He never missed a beat and believe me, if there was a beat missed, I would have called him on it.

The project started after going through the planning stages and vendor selection for all of the renovation products we would need.

After Brett and I set a start date and an aggressive completion calendar we started the renovation. During this process I was able to see first hand the excellent master craftsmanship of Jauve, Sergio, Eduardo and James at work and their tireless, kind, and cheerful, commitment to excellence, that I have not witnessed in many building projects I have done over my years. There deep respect for Brett and the customer and the pride they exhibit in their craft is simply best!

So what began with doubt, has ended with an exceptional kitchen and dining room renovation that turned out remarkable, only because of Brett and his exceptional professional team of your construction business.

The reason I am painstakingly going through my renovation process, is to point out my high recommendation that you look at how your currently branding your construction segment, in order to break it out from your core business. If any large company or other home owners like me, just don't see The Steam Team also doing construction, then you are missing many opportunities to allow others to experience, what I just experienced and that is your construction company, through Brett, is the BEST anyone could ever want!  

Please share this with the General Manager and Owners and anyone seeking a reference.


Gary Shreve, MBA

Healthcare Performance Consulting