3 Tips for Keeping Tile and Grout Clean in Austin Texas

Are you noticing the grime build up and take over your tile and grout? It happens easily; grout is porous in nature and therefore easily absorbs liquids. This causes staining and discoloration! But it’s not a lost cause. With a few good practices put in place, and the help of a professional clean and restoration company, like The Steam Team, we can keep your tile and grout looking clean and bright- easily!


Prevent Spills and Accidents


The first step to keeping tile clean is to just be very, very careful. Try your best to prevent spills and accidents by keeping liquids away from the tiled floor (unless you’re in the kitchen, of course), and tend to accidents immediately. Remember that the faster you handle a spill, the less likely it is to stain!


Scrub, Scrub, Scrub!


After sweeping and mopping comes scrubbing! It can’t be avoided, unless you’ve decided to steam clean your tile and grout. Otherwise, scrubbing it is. Grab your scrub brush and your household tile cleaner and bust out that elbow grease! You’re going to need it.


Steam Cleaning Tile and Grout


We always recommend steam cleaning when it comes to caring for tile and grout. There are many benefits to this type of cleaning; for instance, it cleans without chemicals, and therefore won’t damage your tile and grout. It easily extracts dirt and grime from deep within the pores of grout, and leaves it looking like new! It’s efficient, effective, and perfectly safe for the environment. All it uses is hot water, and high water pressure.

The Steam Team has over a decade of experience in cleaning and caring for tile and grout! If you let us take over the job, we’ll be sure to do it right, and do it right the first time. Don’t be shy; give us a call today!

Steam Team Cleaning Grout: The Easy Method

We love the way tile (and grout) looks in our home, but sometimes it can be a pain to care for! Grout is porous, meaning, it easily absorbs spills and accidents that cause stains and discoloration- not to mention grime. So what’s the easiest method to cleaning tile and grout? Well, below we’ll talk about several methods of cleaning grout, and we’ll save the best for last!


Grout Sealant


It’s always best to install grout sealant! Grout sealer serves as a barrier between grout and liquid, preventing stains and discoloration. It’s a must for your tile and grout. It’s its best protection!


Sweeping and/or Mopping


Sweeping and mopping the floor on the regular is necessary to keeping tile and grout clean. It’s step one on chore day (when it comes to flooring, that is)! You wouldn’t believe the amount of dust, dirt, and pet hair that gets caught up in the corners of our kitchen, hallways, pretty much everywhere!




Scrubbing grout is a pretty effective method of cleaning, but it requires a lot of energy and elbow grease. Chlorine bleach works best, but make sure you’re wearing safety glasses as it tends to splash. Also, avoid using abrasive materials when you’re scrubbing tile; you wouldn’t want to permanently scratch it!


Steam Cleaning: The Easiest Method


For tile and grout cleaning, The Steam Team always recommends steam cleaning. It’s the top, number one, easiest, most effective method of cleaning! It lifts stains and grime right out of grout; you’ll barely believe it!

No matter how dirty your tile and grout are, The Steam Team can restore them to their original condition! You’ll be floored by the results of our team of trained experts! Just give us a call today and we’ll be out in no time! We’d love to bring back that shine in your tile and grout. We also offer 24 hour water damage services