Tackling Tile and Grout With Steam Cleaning

We all know that tile flooring can be difficult to keep clean, but let’s not lose hope, friends! Have you ever steam cleaned your tile and grout? You’d find that it’s the perfect method for tackling tile and grout, no matter how dirty it is! Let’s discuss tile flooring and how to keep it clean; there are three methods that we can lay out, but ultimately, steam cleaning is your best option!


Method #1: Scrubbing


Scrubbing is the most difficult of methods for cleaning tile flooring. It involves a lot of manpower and energy, which we don’t always have! But if you must, use your favorite tile and grout cleaner or a DIY concoction to spray onto the tile and grout, and get to scrubbin’!


Method #2: Sweeping and Mopping


Sweeping, vacuuming, and mopping are essential for keeping tile flooring clean! Just make sure you’re using a cleaning solvent that’s proven effective for tile flooring, and you’re good to go. And of course, sweep/vacuum before you mop! Your floors will look so much better when you’re finished, but nothing beats the results you would get from steam cleaning!


Method #3: Steam Cleaning


Unfortunately, the above methods will never provide you with the results you would achieve through hiring a professional cleaning company. Steam cleaning is the best and most effective method for cleaning tile and grout, and it’s also the easiest on your body (especially if you hire the professionals- you won’t even have to lift a finger!).


The Steam Team is proud to offer you our expert services! We’ve been helping tile and grout to stay super clean for over a decade now! You’re bound to be impressed with our results. So for professional tile and grout cleaning that will absolutely blow you away, contact The Steam Team today!

Time to Go Green: Eliminating Chemicals from Your Household Cleaners

Are you looking to go a bit more green? Maybe it’s time to eliminate those pesky chemicals from your household (for good this time). As always, we encourage you to start steam cleaning your home right now so that you can protect your family from potentially harmful chemicals, but there are other great reasons to steam clean, too! Let’s delve into a few of them: steam cleaning cleans without chemicals, doesn’t leave behind any harmful residue, and also kills other pesky substances like germs, bacteria, and allergens!


Cleans Without Using Chemicals


As we mentioned before, steam cleaning cleans your home without using any chemicals. There won’t be any bleach, or specially formulated cleaning products. The only thing a steam cleaner uses is hot water, and high water pressure! That’s what makes it such an incredibly safe method of cleaning- and that’s why we’re always pushing you to start right now.


Doesn’t Leave Behind Any Residue


Since a steam cleaning machine doesn’t use any chemicals, there is no residue to be left behind. This makes steam cleaning an even safer option for cleaning in your home, especially if you have small children or pets in the household.


Kills Germs, Bacteria, Dust Mites, Etc


Even better news: Not only will you be eliminating chemicals from your household with steam cleaning, but you’ll also be killing germs, bacteria, dust mites, allergens, and more! This is really important if you have members of the household who have allergies. They’ll be so relieved!


The Steam Team has over a decade of experience under their belt, and the right tools and equipment for any cleaning and restoration job. If you home is looking a little dingy and you’re looking for some help restoring it to its original, cleaner, more pristine condition, call The Steam Team! We’ll be out in no time, and eager to help!