TST Restoration knows that fire and smoke damage can seem catastrophic and overwhelming— but you can trust our fire damage cleanup and restoration experts to make a big problem seem small. After you experience a fire damage often water damage cleanup is necessary from secondary damage. 

Tip: The key to limiting fire damage is speed. Emergency services within the first 24-48 hours after a fire has been put out can stop damage from spreading, stabilize your building structures and result in a quicker, cheaper restoration process.

Contact us at 800-880-7785 for an emergency response. We are available 24-7

Our fire restoration professionals start by inspecting the entire structure of your building(s) so that we have a good picture of the extent of the damage caused by fire and smoke. This is an important step because smoke can leave behind hidden damage and odor as it permeates structures. This process lets our technicians give you a full report on the scope of the damage, and a good estimate of repair costs.

Step1: Emergency Contact

Step 2: Inspection and Fire Damage Assessment

Step 3: Immediate Board-Up and Roof Tarp Service (if needed)

Step 4: Water Removal and Drying (if water damage is present)

Step 5: Removal of Smoke and Soot from All Surfaces

Step 6: Cleaning and Repair

Step 7: Restoration