Keeping Your Textiles as Luxurious as Possible

If you want your furniture to last and look as luxurious as possible, there are just a handful of simple guidelines to follow! Here at The Steam Team, we’re happy to help you learn how to care for your leather upholstery. Follow these three simple rules and you’ll be well on your way to success!


Keep it Clean


Cleaning leather upholstery isn’t as complicated as one might think! Just keep a few microfiber cloths on hand for regular dusting, and use your vacuum cleaner attachment to reach the corners of your furniture and beneath cushions. For spills and stains, be sure you’re only using a cleaner that’s specifically formulated for leather furniture- and even then, it’s wise to perform a spot test.


Keep it Conditioned


Leather is just like our skin, in that it needs to stay moisturized in order to stay healthy. Be sure to condition your leather furniture every 6-12 months, and maybe more frequently if your pets are allowed on the furniture. It also helps to keep leather out of direct sunlight, as this can dry out the leather or cause discoloration.


Call in The Steam Team


Whenever your leather furniture is due for a deep cleaning or a professional conditioning, feel free to call in The Steam Team! Our leather technicians will have absolutely no issue restoring your leather to its original condition. You’ll be impressed with our results! And hopefully we’ll hear from you again, as we handle a wide array of cleaning and restoration projects!


The Steam Team has been serving the city of Austin, TX for a long time now! We don’t plan on stopping anytime soon; we simply love what we do! So if your home could use a thorough deep, steam cleaning, or your leather furniture needs replenishing, don’t hesitate to give us a call!

Living in Downtown Austin and Cleaning Your High Rise: A Word From the Professionals

It’s wintertime, and it may also be time to give your office a good, thorough, deep cleaning before springtime rolls around! You wouldn’t believe the amount of dirt, dust, and dander that lurks between the fibers of your office carpet. And the dust that clings to draperies is also ridiculous! Fortunately, The Steam Team can help! Contact The Steam Team


The Steam Team can help clean your:


Draperies and Window Blinds


The Steam Team doesn’t use any regular duster on your window blinds. We steam clean them, instead! And often times, we can complete this process without even removing them from where they hang! How’s that for convenient?

Desks and Surfaces


Grime builds up on your desk, too, especially if you occasionally (or not so occasionally) eat lunch at your desk! It’s easy to do, not to mention the dust that accumulates! With a steam cleaner (and especially with the type of equipment that we use) we can easily remove dust, dirt, and grime from your desks and other surfaces like shelving, end tables, and coffee tables!


Carpeting and Flooring


Yes, the cleaning crew does wonders for your carpet! But nonetheless, it still needs a thorough cleaning every now and then. A professional-grade steam cleaning machine can reach deep down to the pits of your carpet and extract allergens, dander, dirt, dust, debris, and so much more! You’ll be amazed at just how clean your office is.

It doesn’t matter how big the project is, it’s not one too big for The Steam Team! The Steam Team has been serving the city of Austin, TX for over a decade now; we’re not stopping any time soon! So if your office is in need of a deep, thorough, steam cleaning, just give us a call! Don’t wait! Your office needs it, and you’ll love working inside of it after we’re done cleaning!

How to Protect Your Property From Fire & Smoke Damage

While we always hope the holidays are the happiest of times, the past has proven that the holidays are also often filled with fires, unfortunately. The dry air coupled with Christmas trees indoors and lights all around the house- there are numerous reasons that house fires increase around this time of year. Even further, when fire damages our property, it leaves behind a trail of smoke, soot, and ash that can permanently destroy our furniture and possessions. In most instances, it may be your first instinct to rush directly to the fire itself- but we always want to stress that you be extremely careful. Where there’s fire involved, it’s always best to call in the professionals (both to put out the fire and to clean up the damage).


After the calls have been made, you can begin the cleanup process; just be sure to follow these few safety guidelines!


Protect Yourself

First things first: DO NOT enter the scene without wearing a dust respirator mask! These masks will protect your lungs from the harmful contaminants which linger in the air after a fire.


Call in the Professionals

Smoke damage is always best handled by the professionals. A professional steam cleaning company, like The Steam Team, will have the correct equipment to thoroughly clean your furniture, as well as your carpets, surfaces, and window treatments- the whole package!


It’s incredibly important that your home is handled properly after fire damage- with ventilation, equipment, and safety precautions. One thing you can do to help the ventilation around your home is to open any windows or doors to increase the airflow.

A professional company, like The Steam Team, will come in with the latest equipment to clean any upholstered furniture, carpeting, window treatments, countertops, and any other surfaces or possessions that were affected by the fire. Give us a call today! We’re available 24/7 for your immediate fire damage needs.

The Perks of Concrete Cleaning & Staining

Here in Texas, the temperatures don’t drop too drastically during the wintertime. That means that we can still enjoy our patios- and our freshly stained concrete! Oh, you don’t know about concrete staining? That’s okay; we’re here to teach you. The Steam Team is a group of experts when it comes to concrete cleaning and staining (and a multitude of other tasks) so stay tuned to learn all about the perks of concrete staining!


It Revamps Your Patio’s “Look”


Obviously concrete staining is going to change the look of your patio. But this is a good thing! Aren’t you tired of that dull, grey, concrete color? We are too! Let us help you out by staining your concrete and revamping the entire look of your patio!


It Also Affects the Look of Your Backyard


A new patio does wonders to an old backyard. You’ll be so surprised at the results! And hey- maybe it’ll even inspire you to change up your landscaping, or build a matching shed! Well, okay, maybe building a shed would be going overboard, but even so, a freshly stained concrete patio will certainly revitalize that old, dingy backyard.


It’s a Fun DIY Project


As long as you have the right tools and information, concrete staining can be a fun DIY project for everyone! Although, if the concrete is uneven, the job may require some sanding and you may want to leave it up to the professionals. It all depends on your own level of expertise!

Maybe you’ve started that DIY project, but can’t finish it correctly. Or maybe you don’t want to do-it-yourself at all! That’s okay! The Steam Team has your back. Just give us a call, we’ll be out in a jiffy, and we’ll either repair your concrete staining situation, or perform the task all by ourselves. Either way, you won’t regret relying on The Steam Team of Austin!

3 Ways to Clean Your Flooring - The Steam Team of Austin

Cleaning Floors

Cleaning Floors

Are you having trouble keeping your floor looking clean and bright these days? Well don’t worry; we’re here to help! The Steam Team has years of experience in brightening up flooring, restoring damaged flooring, and even installing new flooring! But today we’re going to discuss several ways in which we can bright our floors, no matter what material it’s made of!


Tile Flooring


Steam cleaning is your best bet for cleaning tile flooring, as it reaches deep within the pores of grout, and erases stains and discoloration from tile, brightening your flooring. But if you don’t have a steam cleaner, can’t find one to rent, or haven’t called the professionals, you can also use a scrub brush and a formulated tile cleaner.


Carpet Flooring


Vacuuming is the best thing you can do for your carpet. Not only does it pick up dust, dirt, dander, and other substances, but it also keeps the carpet fibers from becoming matted and worn down. Vacuum at least once weekly to keep your carpet in tip top shape- and looking its best!


Natural Stone Flooring


It’s time to grab your mop, water bucket, and all purpose cleaner! After you’ve swept and vacuumed your floor, dip a microfiber cloth into a solution of warm water and your favorite cleaner (or the manufacturer's recommendation). Clean the floor thoroughly, ringing out the mop and changing the water whenever it becomes murky. Your floor will look nice and bright when you’re finished!


No matter what type of flooring you have in your home, The Steam Team can help keep it clean, and even restore it back to its original condition! We have years of experience cleaning tile, grout, natural stone, carpet, air ducts and so much more. Don’t wait- just give us a call! We even clean high-rise buildings

How Effective is Steam Cleaning?

Rug Cleaning

Rug Cleaning

Maybe you’ve heard about the impressive qualities of a steam cleaner, and the even more outstanding results that it delivers. But you may be wondering… Just how effective is steam cleaning? What’s so special about it? It’s normal to feel skeptical about changing your routine! That’s why we’re going to review a few of steam cleaning’s most impressive qualities, and why it may be beneficial to have your home professionally cleaned.


  1. Deep Cleaning


If you or another member of your household has allergies or asthma, you’ll appreciate the power and intensity of a thorough steam cleaning. The process easily removes dust mites and allergens from your home, allowing you to breathe easier, and live healthier!


  1. Chemical-Free


Other household cleaning products may leave behind residue that lingers in our environment, potentially harming our health. However, steam cleaning will thoroughly remove dust and debris from your carpet and/or furniture without the use of chemicals! You won’t find any leftover residue or markings.


  1. Knocks Out Mold


Mold- it spawns, it spreads, it destroys everything in its path! When handling a mold issue, the most important thing you can do is to act quickly. Once you’ve contacted your local cleaning and restoration company, the rest is up to the professionals. With intense heat and high pressure, a steam cleaner is the perfect tool for removing mold from your home.


Steam cleaning can be effective in many different situations. It’s perfect for dealing with pesky, stubborn stains, removing unwanted odors, or regular, routine deep cleaning. Choose steam cleaning over dry mopping for a thorough cleaning that you can trust.

And remember, if you’re looking for a professional touch, be sure to give The Steam Team a call today! We have all of the right tools and equipment to help your home look brand new again!