After the Fire: Ridding Your Home of Odors

No matter the scale of damage after a house fire, the experience can be traumatizing and at the very least, stressful! But don’t worry; The Steam Team has your back. There’s no fire or smoke damage that we can’t handle! And when it comes to smoke damage, we know exactly how to bring back that fresh scent you’ve been missing! Below are three tips to rid your home of smoke odor after a house fire.


Properly Ventilate the Area


After a fire, your home needs a ton of fresh air! It’s highly important that you properly ventilate the affected area. How do you do this? By opening all doors and windows (keep pets from escaping by using baby gates at the entrances to your home), and place box fans all around the area. Set them to high! This will help push contaminated air out of your home.


Do Some Deep Cleaning


Unfortunately, the only way to permanently remove smoke odor is to properly clean everything. This means gathering up linens to be washed and/or dry cleaned (couch covers, blankets and sheets, clothing, etc). It also means washing your drapes, walls, and thoroughly cleaning all surfaces in your home. If the task is too heavy, call in a professional cleaning company!


Call the Steam Cleaners


A professional cleaning and restoration company can be very useful in times like these. They can get the cleaning job done in no time, without you having to lift a finger! They can also effectively remove smoke odors and restore your home to its original condition!


The Steam Team is always here to help; in fact, we’re available 24/7. So if you’ve recently endured a house fire and need assistance (and normalcy), just give us a call today! We have all of the right tools and expertise for the job.

The Perks of Concrete Cleaning & Staining

Here in Texas, the temperatures don’t drop too drastically during the wintertime. That means that we can still enjoy our patios- and our freshly stained concrete! Oh, you don’t know about concrete staining? That’s okay; we’re here to teach you. The Steam Team is a group of experts when it comes to concrete cleaning and staining (and a multitude of other tasks) so stay tuned to learn all about the perks of concrete staining!


It Revamps Your Patio’s “Look”


Obviously concrete staining is going to change the look of your patio. But this is a good thing! Aren’t you tired of that dull, grey, concrete color? We are too! Let us help you out by staining your concrete and revamping the entire look of your patio!


It Also Affects the Look of Your Backyard


A new patio does wonders to an old backyard. You’ll be so surprised at the results! And hey- maybe it’ll even inspire you to change up your landscaping, or build a matching shed! Well, okay, maybe building a shed would be going overboard, but even so, a freshly stained concrete patio will certainly revitalize that old, dingy backyard.


It’s a Fun DIY Project


As long as you have the right tools and information, concrete staining can be a fun DIY project for everyone! Although, if the concrete is uneven, the job may require some sanding and you may want to leave it up to the professionals. It all depends on your own level of expertise!

Maybe you’ve started that DIY project, but can’t finish it correctly. Or maybe you don’t want to do-it-yourself at all! That’s okay! The Steam Team has your back. Just give us a call, we’ll be out in a jiffy, and we’ll either repair your concrete staining situation, or perform the task all by ourselves. Either way, you won’t regret relying on The Steam Team of Austin!