When is the Best Time to Clean Your Air Ducts?

Do you know when the best time is to clean your air ducts? Yes, your air ducts- the ones you’ve been neglected for far too long now! It’s the springtime, friends! That’s when it’s best to clean your air ducts. Today we’ll discuss the benefits of cleaning out your air ducts, and how The Steam Team can help you!


Why Should Air Ducts Be Cleaned?


It’s simple: you live in Austin. You live in the allergy capital of the nation! Air ducts house all kinds of allergens, like dust, dirt, pet dander, and even mold! This is precisely why air ducts should be cleaned- and especially during the springtime! After your air ducts have been cleaned you’ll be surprised at how easily you’ll breathe, and how clean the air feels!


How The Steam Team Helps


We always recommend calling in the professionals when it comes to cleaning your air ducts. The professionals will know exactly what to do and how to treat them, just as The Steam Team would. We’ve been cleaning air ducts for over ten years now! We’ll use state of the art “source removal,” equipment to thoroughly clean your air ducts from the grill, back to the main unit! We’ll get it done effortlessly, efficiently, and effectively. You’ll be more than impressed with our results, we just know it!

You can always rely on The Steam Team of Austin to get the job done correctly and quickly! From air ducts, to flooring, to window treatments are far more, our services are tried and true. For over a decade now we’ve been helping the Austin community- and we’re not stopping! So if you need your air ducts cleaned this springtime, don’t hesitate to give us a call! We’ll come out, inspect your air ducts, and make sure we don’t leave until they’re clean!

Start Steam Cleaning Now

Once you choose to start steam cleaning, there’s no turning back. Not because the journey is dangerous or anything, but because a professional grade steam cleaner leaves behind a clean you’ve never known before! A clean you won’t be to be to go without, once you’ve seen it! Here are five great reasons to start steam cleaning today.


To start, steam cleaning:


Cleans Without Chemicals


A steam cleaner doesn’t need chemicals to thoroughly clean your home. All it needs is hot water and high water pressure! With these two amazing ingredients, a steam cleaner can effortlessly extract dirt and grime from deep within carpet fibers, pores of grout, and so on.


Provides a Clean You Can Trust


Like we mentioned before, you can definitely trust the clean that a steam cleaner leaves behind- especially if done by a professional cleaning company. No residue will be left behind for you to clean up. You’ll be amazed at The Steam Team’s results!


Is Safe for the Environment, Pets, Children, etc


Since steam cleaning doesn’t involve the usage of any chemicals, it’s perfectly fine to do around your home, children, and pets!


Saves You Money


Mops, scrub brushes, cleaning solutions, and any other cleaning supplies… you won’t be buying anymore with steam cleaning! This will save you money in the long run- that’s a major perk!


Saves You Time and Effort


Steam cleaning is an easy process that doesn’t require a lot of backwork. Finally, a cleaning method that won’t break your body, right? This is especially true if you let the professionals take over the project for you! Then you won’t have to worry at all.

If you’re thinking about starting to steam clean your home, think about hiring the professionals! They can do everything for you; you don’t even have to lift a finger! Contact The Steam Team today for more details, or visit our website to view our services!