House Fires & Soot: Damage Restoration by the Professionals

When the colder months blow through, many of us begin to light fires in our homes or outdoors. While most of these fires are contained, they can get out of hand sometimes, especially if not built and watched properly. House fires can be costly and devastating to our homes and families- in fact, nearly 15,000 people were injured from fires in 2016 that cost roughly $10.6 billion in property damage. And, not only that, like any natural disaster, fires leave a long lasting effect on our homes. After the fire trucks leave, we return to our homes to find the stench of smoke and water, the visual impact of fire, and of course, soot. Soot everywhere.


Removing soot after a fire is an extremely difficult task- both dry and oily soot cling to the walls, floors, ceilings, and other surfaces around the home. So what’s the best way to get soot out of your home? Today we’re going to tell you three ways that we, The Steam Team, take care of your home following a fire.


Cleaning the Walls and Ceilings

Taking care of your walls and the structure of your home following a fire is of utmost importance. First and foremost, determining what kind of soot is where will help you to decide the best method of cleaning. With dry soot, you’ll be able to vacuum the areas it covers- but on the other hand, with oily soot, you’ll need to use a degreasing agent in order to fully remove its remnants.


Start with the walls first, working through them one small area at a time and leave the ceilings for last.


Professional Tips for Furniture and Floors

The best way to begin caring for your flooring and furniture after fire damage is with a mild soap, washing the soot away. If you’re dealing with more extensive damage, it’s best to call in the professionals because when soot is left behind it can be harmful.


The Steam Team has been serving the Austin area through thick and thin for several years now. Give us a call any time!

Does Steam Cleaning Work for Every Type of Carpeting?

As you ponder which method of cleaning you should be using, consider steam cleaning! Steam cleaning has a number of benefits (which we’ll outline below), and guess what! It can be used on any type of carpeting! So no matter what type of carpeting you have in your home, steam cleaning is right for you. How’s that for versatile? Below are a few more benefits to steam cleaning; we hope it’s enough to convince you to switch on over!


Safe for the Environment


Because steam cleaning only uses hot water and high pressure, it’s completely safe for you, your family, and the environment. It doesn’t use any chemicals at all! So in addition for it being such a safe method of cleaning, you’ll also save money on chemicals and cleaning products.


Eliminates Grime From the Toughest Places


Nooks and crannies, grout, ceiling fans, and window blinds. What do all of these things have in common? They’re tough to reach! But with a professional-grade steam cleaner, these places can be cleaned and sanitized with ease! Window blinds can be cleaned without even removing them from where they hang.


Restores Your Carpet


If your carpet is looking dull, dusty, or matted down, contact a professional steam cleaner! We can restore your carpet to its original condition: clean and pristine! You’ll be utterly amazed at the results of such a simple cleaning process! But we promise; steam cleaning really is effective, efficient, and reliable.

Finally, a method that’s perfect for you and your home: steam cleaning. When you choose steam cleaning, consider hiring the professionals to come out and clean your home for you. They, like The Steam Team, have all of the right equipment for the job and will complete it in no time! The Steam Team is available 24/7 for anything you might need; just give us a call!

Cleaning Out the Office: Tips From the Pro's

It’s a new year, and perhaps time for a bit of change in your office! Let’s do some rearranging, redecorating, and most importantly, cleaning. Nothing feels more renewing than stepping into a freshly cleaned office! The Steam Team has five simple guidelines for you to follow if you want to keep your office as clean as possible.


Dust Regularly


Offices collect dust very quickly and need to be cleaned more than just occasionally! We can’t avoid it. Even if you aren’t thrilled about it, dust surfaces, corners, computers, and draperies on the regular.


Keep Window Blinds Clean


Window blinds trap all kinds of dust, dirt, and debris and they can be quite inconvenient to clean! Who feels like removing their blinds and washing them, or dusting each slat one by one? Fortunately, with a professional-grade steam cleaner, The Steam Team can clean your office’s blinds without even removing them!


Vacuum Often


You never know what’s lurking deep within the fibers of your carpet. Dust mites, dirt, debris, dander, and crumbs (from eating lunch at your desk) could all be hiding out in your carpet. Vacuum thoroughly at least once a week to keep the flooring looking great!


Avoid Eating at Your Desk


Try not to eat lunch at your desk! Instead, head to the break room; that’s what it’s for, right?. Besides, it can feel incredibly refreshing to step away from your work for some time. Sometimes lunch can get messy; eating at your desk will cause grime to build up faster; you simply can’t avoid spills!


Call The Steam Team


Our last one: call The Steam Team for all of your high rise cleaning needs! We have over a decade of experience cleaning office buildings, homes, apartments, retail spaces, and so many more- you can definitely rely on us to get the job done quickly!