After the Fire: Ridding Your Home of Odors

No matter the scale of damage after a house fire, the experience can be traumatizing and at the very least, stressful! But don’t worry; The Steam Team has your back. There’s no fire or smoke damage that we can’t handle! And when it comes to smoke damage, we know exactly how to bring back that fresh scent you’ve been missing! Below are three tips to rid your home of smoke odor after a house fire.


Properly Ventilate the Area


After a fire, your home needs a ton of fresh air! It’s highly important that you properly ventilate the affected area. How do you do this? By opening all doors and windows (keep pets from escaping by using baby gates at the entrances to your home), and place box fans all around the area. Set them to high! This will help push contaminated air out of your home.


Do Some Deep Cleaning


Unfortunately, the only way to permanently remove smoke odor is to properly clean everything. This means gathering up linens to be washed and/or dry cleaned (couch covers, blankets and sheets, clothing, etc). It also means washing your drapes, walls, and thoroughly cleaning all surfaces in your home. If the task is too heavy, call in a professional cleaning company!


Call the Steam Cleaners


A professional cleaning and restoration company can be very useful in times like these. They can get the cleaning job done in no time, without you having to lift a finger! They can also effectively remove smoke odors and restore your home to its original condition!


The Steam Team is always here to help; in fact, we’re available 24/7. So if you’ve recently endured a house fire and need assistance (and normalcy), just give us a call today! We have all of the right tools and expertise for the job.

The Most Effective Way to Care for Furniture and Upholstery In Cedar Park Texas

Residential Cleaning Austin

Residential Cleaning Austin

So you just brought home that beautiful sofa and you want to keep it looking that way. We understand; who wouldn’t? That’s why we’ve compiled this list of five expert ways to take care of your furniture and upholstery- and what The Steam Team believes is the best way. Read on to discover our secrets!


Vacuum Regularly


That upholstery attachment on your vacuum cleaner has never come more in handy! Put it to good use on your upholstery and furniture. It can reach the tough nooks and crannies, underneath the cushions; there are no limits!


Dust Often


Dusting helps take the load off when it comes to cleaning day, and ultimately prevents debris and grime but building up. It also helps to create a healthier atmosphere! Use your upholstery attachment to suction the dust, or a microfiber cloth to do it the old fashioned way.


Condition Leather Furniture


Just like our skin, leather dries out, and needs to be conditioned periodically. Make sure you’re using the correct product for your furniture (you can check its care label just like you would your favorite tshirt).


Become a Stain-Removal Expert


Accidents are going to happen no matter what we do, but we can learn how to prepare for them! When it comes to leather furniture, different types of leather are used, and often require a certain cleaner.


Steam Cleaning


Steam cleaning is, of course, our preferred method. It can safely and effectively remove stains from just about anything- and it doesn’t leave behind any harmful residue (or anything you’ll need to clean up afterward!). The Steam Team has been taking care of leather and upholstery for over a decade, and can restore your furniture to its original condition in a sinch.


And there you have it, friends! Now your furniture can keep looking as gorgeous as the day you brought it home! Austin Texas rug cleaning company

The Best Way to Elongate the Life of Your Area Rug Austin Texas

area rug cleaning service

area rug cleaning service

Area rugs are made up of the same fibers that make up carpeting. While there are numerous different types of these fibers, they all need to be regularly and properly cared for in order to get the most out of the flooring that you chose. With area rugs, however, there are a few additional things you can do elongate their lifetime. Let’s take a look!


Rotate Regularly


Contrary to popular belief, there are numerous factors that cause wear and tear on flooring -- not just foot traffic. The easiest way to reduce wear and tear on area rugs is the make sure you’re rotating them regularly since they’re easy to move. Sunlight is a huge factor that fades fabric, especially those vibrant colors on area rugs, rotating will ensure that the whole rug is treated the same and one area doesn’t fade quicker than others.


Stay on Top of Stains


If a spill occurs, it’s important to tend to it as quickly as possible. The longer your rug sits with the stain, the deeper the stain embeds into its carpet fibers, and the more difficult it is to remove!


Water spills should be absorbed and dried as quickly as possible but any other liquid will need to be blotted until all of the excess moisture has been removed.


Thorough Deep Clean


Although you may vacuum and sweep your area rugs regularly, you’ll still need a more thorough deep clean on occasion. In these instances you can always call your local steam cleaning company. Companies like The Steam Team will know exactly how to handle your area rugs and will have them looking brand new without any hassle at all.


For a hassle-free, professional, deep-cleaning, always keep The Steam Team in mind! The Steam Team has years of experience cleaning and caring for area rugs, oriental rugs, carpeting, upholstery… and so much more!