The Damaging Effects of Smoke After a Fire

Smoke Damage Austin 

Smoke Damage Austin 

No matter the size, all fires produce smoke. Even if the fire was put out almost instantly, just like flooding - the damaging after-effects begin immediately and can actually worsen the longer it’s left untreated. As the damage intensifies, restoring your home can become increasingly costly and time-consuming. As a general rule; it’s never safe to re-enter your home after a fire - always wait for the professionals! Whether the fire first started in your kitchen or in your bathroom - where there’s smoke, there’s soot. While firefighters do some clean up after they extinguish a fire, they aren’t able to clean your home as extensively as you need to. It’s a good idea to call your local restoration company as soon as possible, so they can begin fighting your soot damage.


Yes, you read that right - not the fire, not the smoke - but the soot. While both factors certainly lead to the amount of ash around your home - they’re not acidic (like soot is). In fact, the high temperatures of fire cause concern for many things around your home, but the acidity of soot can affect nearly anything in its path. Often times, it does just that, as smoke typically gravitates towards cooler temperatures - leaving soot behind wherever it travels.

It’s Effect Overtime

Just as your environment reacts to the soot, the soot reacts to your environment - especially if it’s humid. Unfortunately, it begins by (permanently)discoloring any porous material, immediately - and it won’t take long before it begins damaging other surfaces around the home. Even just leaving it to settle for a few hours could cause everything to change - the entire structure of your home can become compromised after too long. Don’t hesitate to call your local restoration company - like us, here at The Steam Team - as soon as you can!