3 Common Upholstery Cleaning Mistakes

Upholstery Cleaning Austin Texas USA

Upholstery Cleaning Austin Texas USA

By now, we’re sure you know how important it is to clean your upholstered furniture - not only does it improve the aesthetic appeal of your sofa, but it also increases the overall longevity of the furniture. However, more often than not - people are making mistakes when cleaning their upholstered furniture. Whether cleaning your ottoman, loveseat, or even drapery - next time it’s time for a little spring cleaning - avoid these common mistakes.

Improperly Trying to Remove Stains

Every fabric responds to stains differently - using improper techniques to try and remove these stains could actually make them bigger. If not, you could damage the fabric of your furniture, leaving another permanent stain. Although, in some cases - the product you choose to use could be the real culprit.

Using the Wrong Products

Not all cleaning products are safe to use on every fabric, and you could end up causing more damage to your furniture rather than cleaning it. While you should always follow the manufacturer’s guidelines, they may not give you specific products to use. Don’t forget to check labels and ingredients - some products can lead stains to become permanent if used on the wrong fabric. Of course, test the product on a small area of your furniture (that you wouldn’t normally see), to ensure the fabric won’t have an abnormal reaction.

Not Hiring a Professional

While you may not consider hiring a professional for the “small” problems - improper techniques and damaging products can often turn a “small” stain into a “big” one. Whether it be for small stains or a regular cleaning, steam cleaning is one of the most effective ways to clean your upholstered furniture - especially when hiring the professionals. A reputable company with experienced technicians will use truck-mounted steam cleaning systems, providing stronger suction (thus, a better clean). When in doubt - always hire a professional!