Is It Time To Clean Your Drapery?

Drapery Cleaning

Drapery Cleaning

There are a few ways you can clean your drapery around the home - whether you want to do it yourself or hire a professional. The key here is that your curtains are getting regularly cleaned. Just as regular maintenance extends the longevity of furniture, HVAC systems, flooring, etc. - it’ll also keep those fabric curtains looking fresh and clean, longer.

Regular Curtain Cleaning Maintenance

Most people vacuum at least once each week, so it makes it easy to remember to clean your curtains each week when you’re using your vacuum. It’s really simple - just pop on the attachment to your vacuum and run it over the fabric of your drapery. Each time you vacuum them, look for any stains or discoloration that needs further attention.

Tackling Stains

If you spot a problem area, it can raise concern. How are you supposed to clean this fabric anyway? Sure a vacuum will remove the dust and other dirt particles clinging to it, but the suction is certainly not enough to remove a stain that’s absorbed in the fabric.



While many fabrics are machine washable, not only is it a hassle to take the curtains down to wash, dry, and then put back up - but it’s also not always very effective.


That’s where the professionals come in!


Hiring a professional company, like The Steam Team, guarantees experienced and equipped technicians. Often times, when people try to clean different fabrics (especially delicate drapes, for example) on their own, it can sometimes further the damage if done improperly. Many people are unaware that different fabrics are cared for differently - for example, not all fabric can be steam cleaned. For those that can’t, The Steam Team uses a safe and effective dry cleaning method.


Take the guesswork out of cleaning your curtains, and leave it to the professionals who have done it thousands of times!