Treating Stains That Seem Stuck in Your Carpet

Accidents happen all the time, and some of them can’t be prevented. Furthermore, while we always suggest treating an accident or spill immediately after it happens, sometimes this just isn’t possible. What happens, when this happens? Well, stains become embedded into our carpeting. But don’t fret! The Steam Team has a few handy tips on how to remove old stains from your carpet!


Vinegar + Baking Soda


Try creating a paste of equal parts vinegar and baking soda. Do this by covering the stained area with a thin layer of baking soda first. Then spray the affected area with cleaning vinegar. Let it sit for a few hours, allowing it to form a paste. Then scrub it loose with a scrub brush! Finally, vacuum up the remnants. Your carpets should look considerably better afterward!


Hydrogen Peroxide


Hydrogen peroxide is easily affordable, easy to find, and does wonders when it comes to cleaning old stains! Start by pouring hydrogen peroxide into a spray bottle. Then saturate the area in the spray in order to loosen up the stain’s particles. After letting it set in for about ten to fifteen minutes, you can use  a stiff brush to loosen up the particles some more. Finally, use towels to absorb the moisture left behind, or a steam vac, preferrably.


Steam Cleaning


Sometimes a stain is just too stubborn, and it may be wise to call in the professionals! A professional steam cleaning company has all of the right equipment and knowledge to remove any stain. A professional-grade steam cleaning machine (as opposed to a rental) can extract the stain from deep within your carpet fibers.


When your carpet stains seem stuck, you can rely on The Steam Team to remove them! We’re experts at removing carpet stains, and have been at it for over ten years now! So don’t hesitate; give The Steam Team a phone call today!