Back to the Basics: A Quick Guide to Steam Cleaning

So you’ve given up your traditional methods of cleaning and have decided to go with steam cleaning! First of all, we’re proud of you! Second of all, let’s go back to the basics of steam cleaning. What’s it all about? Well, here are five facts about steam cleaning that are bound to get you even more excited about your new endeavor!


Steam Cleaning is Completely Safe


Steam cleaning is absolutely, entirely safe for your children, pets, other family members, and the environment in general. It doesn’t involve the use of any chemicals at all. That means that no potentially harmful substances are used while we clean, and we won’t leave behind any residue!


Steam Cleaning Saves You Money


That’s right! Steam cleaning saves you money. You won’t need to purchase any cleaning supplies if you’re steam cleaning- since a steam cleaning machine won’t use them! You’ll love

having that extra cash stowed away for a rainy day.


Steam Cleaning REALLY Cleans


Finally, a clean that you can trust! You’ve seen the before and after pictures, right? Then you know that steam cleaning really gets at that grime and dirt. Nothing gets past a professional grade steam cleaning machine!


Steam Cleaning Kills Germs and Bacteria


Bring it on, springtime. Bring all of your germs and bacteria. Let us fight them away with our professional grade steam cleaning machine! With high pressurized water and intense heat, we can take care of germs and bacteria in bathrooms, kitchens, entry ways- wherever!


Steam Cleaning Eradicates Allergens


Having trouble this allergy season? We can’t blame you; Austin is the allergy capital of the nation! But before you throw in the towel and succumb to runny, stuffy noses forever- consider steam cleaning. It does wonders for eradicating allergens like dust, dander, and pollen!


Contact The Steam Team today if you’re in need of a serious cleaning! Or log online and view our list of services here!


Is Steam Cleaning Safe for Your Family?

So you’re getting ready for some heavy duty cleaning, and wondering which method you should use! The Steam Team always strongly encourages steam cleaning, as it’s completely safe for your family, and the environment! Let’s take a glance at the many benefits of steam cleaning so that you can make an informed decision about which method you should use this time around!


What is Steam Cleaning?


Steam cleaning, or hot water extraction, uses absolutely nothing but hot water and high water pressure to extract grime from many types of flooring and surfaces alike. It doesn’t use any chemicals at all! That’s what makes it so safe for your family.


Why Choose Steam Cleaning?


Steam cleaning is cost efficient. You won’t be spending money on chemicals or household cleaners! You won’t even need ‘em! We know- it’s a huge relief.


Steam cleaning is a versatile method of cleaning. It can clean anything from natural stone flooring, carpeting, tile and grout, and even counter top and draperies! Forget that scrub brush and mop and bucket; all you need is a good ‘ol steam cleaning machine!


The professionals can do it all for you. How convenient is that? You can save both time and energy by hiring a professional cleaning and restoration company to help you out. Just make sure you’re choosing wisely; sometimes it’s better to hire a professional than to rent a machine. A professional steam cleaning company will have the perfect equipment for the job.

The Steam Team is ready and willing to help clean your house today! Go online to view our cleaning and restoration services, and then give us a call! We’re available 24/7 for anything you might need, from cleaning up the house, to restoring your home after a disaster. Whatever it is, we’re here for you!

The 'Ins and Outs' of Cleaning

Leather is an intricate material; having a gorgeous shine and sleek feel that no other material can achieve. However, with such unique properties, comes its challenges- like cleaning and properly moisturizing over the years to ensure your leather furniture lasts as long as possible. The Steam Team cleaning company. We specialize in rug cleaning and tile cleaning too. 


What To Avoid:

When it comes to cleaning any leather, you should never use bleach or any ammonia-based cleaners. These chemicals can ruin the leather material, leaving it dry and discolored. In addition to chemicals, you should also avoid using abrasive towels or cloths to wipe down your sofa or other leather furniture. Anything too tough could leave the leather scratched or otherwise damaged.


What To Use, Instead:

Use a cleaning product specifically made for leather material. In some cases this can be just a wipe down with a damp, soft cloth- or in other cases, for a more thorough clean, you might want soap made for leather. In addition to cleaning soap, you’ll need a conditioner to work into the leather once every year or so to make sure the material doesn’t dry out.


Begin Cleaning...

Once you’ve found the proper cleaning solution and supplies, it’s time to begin! First, vacuum your sofa thoroughly and carefully. This is to avoid dust and dirt from rubbing into the leather as you clean and condition. Beginning from the top, work your way down, using a dampened microfiber cloth to gently clean the surface of your sofa. Make sure to rinse the cloth whenever it’s necessary. Dry your sofa with a fresh towel, and apply your favorite leather conditioner!


For help cleaning leather furniture or for any other cleaning and restoration service, contact The Steam Team! Our team of skilled professionals are always standing by, eager to help you out! For amazing cleaning experiences call The Steam Team of Austin today!


How The Steam Team Restores Fire Damage

Fires are devastating events all around; there’s no easy way to get through a house fire. But with some professional help and a little know-how, The Steam Team can help you through the cleanup and restoration process! Below we’ll explain just how we can help in a situation like this one. And we sure hope you call on us if you’re ever in a time of need! We’ll be out in no time, and you’ll be floored by the results. If you have fire damaged area rugs we will pick them up clean them and deliver them back to your home or office. 


Call The Steam Team Immediately


The Steam Team is made up of a group of trained experts who specialize in cleaning up after fire (and water) damage! The most important thing during a fire is to make sure you act quickly. After you’ve made emergency contact and the situation has been diffused, it’s time to call the cleaning and restoration professionals: us. We’ll come in and inspect the area for damage, and begin performing services such as Immediate Board-Up and Roof Tarp (if they’re necessary).


Taking Care of the Damage


Unfortunately, oftentimes with fire damage, comes water damage. But don’t worry; we’ll help take care of that, too. We have all of the right equipment for the job and will have your home dry in no time! We’ll also examine for soot and smoke damage, and remove any traces of it. Smoke tends to permeate anything in comes into contact with; you’ll definitely need professional help with this one.


The Steam Team of Austin should be your first call (after emergency services, of course) during a disaster such as a house fire. You’d be surprised what the professionals can do! We can inspect, clean, and make repairs. So remember: don’t panic; just rely on The Steam Team. Our team of experts will diffuse this situation as fast as possible so you can have your home back in no time!

Area Rug Cleaning: Done Right In Austin Texas

Area rugs are a great way to add personality to an otherwise bland and boring room! They also protect our carpet from foot traffic, and catch dirt and dust right in their tracks! But that’s one reason why they need to be cleaned so frequently- and thoroughly. For professional area rug cleaning, always trust in The Steam Team. We have over ten years of experience cleaning and caring for them; you won’t be disappointed in our results. But until we arrive, follow these guidelines for keeping your area rugs in tip top shape! Visit our state-of-the-art rug cleaning facility


If the Rug is Small, Shake it Out!


If your area rug is small enough, you can simply take it outside for a good old fashioned beating! This will help rid the rug of dirt, dust, and grit. It’s also a great way to take out your frustration!


Vacuum Large Area Rugs


Large area rugs must be vacuumed frequently. You’ll be surprised at how much dust, dirt, and hair your vacuum extracts from your rug.


Turn Rugs Every Year


Foot traffic can put extra stress on area rugs. Try to turn them once or twice a year to even out the wear and tear!


Brush Rugs to Rid Them of Pet Hair


Sometimes vacuuming doesn’t cut it when it comes to pet hair, and you’ll need to brush it out. This is a much more effective method.


Keep Area Rugs Out of Direct Sunlight


Sunlight does a great job at causing discoloration in our beautiful area rugs. If you can’t keep your rugs out of direct sunlight, rotate them periodically so that they at least fade evenly.

And as we mentioned before, if ever you’re in a pickle, just pick up the phone and call The Steam Team! We have everything you need to clean and care for your area rugs. Steam cleaning is quite possibly the best option for cleaning carpet and rugs; it extracts dirt and debris from those fibers like no tomorrow!