Area Rug Cleaning: Done Right In Austin Texas

Area rugs are a great way to add personality to an otherwise bland and boring room! They also protect our carpet from foot traffic, and catch dirt and dust right in their tracks! But that’s one reason why they need to be cleaned so frequently- and thoroughly. For professional area rug cleaning, always trust in The Steam Team. We have over ten years of experience cleaning and caring for them; you won’t be disappointed in our results. But until we arrive, follow these guidelines for keeping your area rugs in tip top shape! Visit our state-of-the-art rug cleaning facility


If the Rug is Small, Shake it Out!


If your area rug is small enough, you can simply take it outside for a good old fashioned beating! This will help rid the rug of dirt, dust, and grit. It’s also a great way to take out your frustration!


Vacuum Large Area Rugs


Large area rugs must be vacuumed frequently. You’ll be surprised at how much dust, dirt, and hair your vacuum extracts from your rug.


Turn Rugs Every Year


Foot traffic can put extra stress on area rugs. Try to turn them once or twice a year to even out the wear and tear!


Brush Rugs to Rid Them of Pet Hair


Sometimes vacuuming doesn’t cut it when it comes to pet hair, and you’ll need to brush it out. This is a much more effective method.


Keep Area Rugs Out of Direct Sunlight


Sunlight does a great job at causing discoloration in our beautiful area rugs. If you can’t keep your rugs out of direct sunlight, rotate them periodically so that they at least fade evenly.

And as we mentioned before, if ever you’re in a pickle, just pick up the phone and call The Steam Team! We have everything you need to clean and care for your area rugs. Steam cleaning is quite possibly the best option for cleaning carpet and rugs; it extracts dirt and debris from those fibers like no tomorrow!

5 Reasons Why You Could Really Use a Cleaning Company

Rug Cleaning Professionals Austin

Rug Cleaning Professionals Austin

Professional Cleaning is becoming a more preferred method of cleaning for homeowners, and in the office, too! If you’re still skeptical as to why, we’ve got five good reasons to convert your cleaning routine to steam cleaning- or to hire a professional steam cleaning company (like The Steam Team!) on occasion or during an emergency! For the best rug cleaning call us today! 512-451-8326 or visit us at 9901 Burnet Rd. Austin, Texas 78758.


Steam Cleaning Destroys 99% of Bacteria & Germs


Germs and bacteria are no match for the strength of a steam cleaner! Steam cleaning kills 99.9% of germs, bacteria, and dust mites. After The Steam Team leaves, your home will be cleaner and healthier!


Remove Pet Stains & Odors


Those stains from your puppy that you’ve been hiding underneath a rug for months… worry no more! Steam cleaning effectively cleans carpet stains while obliterating odors at the same time. After your home has had the professional’s touch, you’ll no longer feel self conscious about stains and odors when guests come over (imagine the relief!).


Thoroughly Clean Tile & Grout


At last… your tile and grout can be restored to its original, pristine condition! A professional-grade steam cleaner is powerful enough to extract dirt, debris, and stains from the pores of tile and grout; you will not be disappointed with the results! Clean your rugs regularly and for all other services visit our website


Effectively Clean Without Harming the Environment


Steam cleaning uses nothing but intense heat and water pressure to effectively remove dust and dirt from surfaces and flooring- and many other places! It’s entirely safe for the environment and doesn’t even leave behind any residue! You won’t have to worry about the process harming your pets, children, or self.


Moisture Dries Quickly!

There’s no need to worry about mold growing from leftover moisture; everything dries extremely quickly! Sure, your carpet will be damp for a short period of time, but as long as your feet are clean, you can certainly utilize it still! We are hiring rug cleaners in Austin Texas.