How The Steam Team Restores Fire Damage

Fires are devastating events all around; there’s no easy way to get through a house fire. But with some professional help and a little know-how, The Steam Team can help you through the cleanup and restoration process! Below we’ll explain just how we can help in a situation like this one. And we sure hope you call on us if you’re ever in a time of need! We’ll be out in no time, and you’ll be floored by the results. If you have fire damaged area rugs we will pick them up clean them and deliver them back to your home or office. 


Call The Steam Team Immediately


The Steam Team is made up of a group of trained experts who specialize in cleaning up after fire (and water) damage! The most important thing during a fire is to make sure you act quickly. After you’ve made emergency contact and the situation has been diffused, it’s time to call the cleaning and restoration professionals: us. We’ll come in and inspect the area for damage, and begin performing services such as Immediate Board-Up and Roof Tarp (if they’re necessary).


Taking Care of the Damage


Unfortunately, oftentimes with fire damage, comes water damage. But don’t worry; we’ll help take care of that, too. We have all of the right equipment for the job and will have your home dry in no time! We’ll also examine for soot and smoke damage, and remove any traces of it. Smoke tends to permeate anything in comes into contact with; you’ll definitely need professional help with this one.


The Steam Team of Austin should be your first call (after emergency services, of course) during a disaster such as a house fire. You’d be surprised what the professionals can do! We can inspect, clean, and make repairs. So remember: don’t panic; just rely on The Steam Team. Our team of experts will diffuse this situation as fast as possible so you can have your home back in no time!