Water Damage and Mold: The Unspoken Dangers Austin Texas

Water Damage In Austin

Water Damage In Austin

After water damage has occurred, mold poses a huge threat to our homes, health, and perhaps our sanity and livelihood! Whether it’s a pipe bursting, a small leak, or a natural disaster- water damage almost always equates to a mold issue that we should definitely be concerned about.  After all, all mold needs to grow and fester is a little bit of time, and a corner of dark, damp space, and it can cause several health problems (especially for people with asthma and allergies). Experts in water damage in Austin Texas. Call 512-451-8326 today. 


The sooner we begin to remedy the water damage, the sooner we can stop mold from growing! Let’s look at a few different ways we can prevent mold from spreading and taking over our homes:


Dry Up Water as Quickly as Possible


This may seem obvious, but we must cover it. Aside from using towels to absorb the water, you can also use a wet/dry vacuum, which can be bought or rented. This machine will greatly speed up the drying process! Austin water damage professionals. One call solves all your water damage needs. 


Use Fans & Dehumidifiers


Set up box fans around the area, and a dehumidifier if you have one! Keep them running 24 hours a day- just to be safe!


Steam Clean Carpeting and Other Flooring


Steam cleaning has the power to eradicate mold spores using only high pressurized water and intense heat. We highly suggest this method of cleaning when it comes to mold remediation. You can rent a steam cleaning machine, or call your local cleaning and restoration company: The Steam Team! We handle mold remediation and are certified with the State of Texas. 


Remember, when it comes to mold, there’s always a solution- especially with The Steam Team behind you. When you give us a call, we come out right away; we’re available twenty four hours around the clock! So when it comes to water damage, don’t hesitate. Give us a call and prevent mold from taking over! 512-451-8326