How Do You Eliminate Odor After A Fire?

If you’ve ever experienced fire damage in your home, you’re no stranger to the lingering odor that follows clean up. Depending on the materials that have been affected around the home, you may be dealing with several different odors - whether it be wood, plastic, or something else. So, how do you get rid of these odors? First thing’s first, call a professional restoration company!



It’s important to know that the fire damage isn’t over as soon as the fire is put out. In fact, extensive damage can still occur just from the smoke and soot alone - but what causes that odor you can’t seem to get rid of?


There are actually several factors that contribute to the odor, including the materials that have been burned as we previously covered. However, it also greatly depends on how long the fire, smoke, and soot are left around the house and the size of the area affected. The longer smoke is left around the home, the more time it has to absorb into your belongings and the structure of your home - causing a lingering odor.

How The Professionals Will Handle It

Immediately after the fire is put out, your professional restoration company will come in a assess the damage. The Steam Team has a five-step process in which we clean, clean, and clean some more - so where does the odor elimination come in?


That’s the last step. After the smoke and soot are completely out of your belongings (the one’s that are salvageable) and the structure, the house will undergo deodorization. Throughout this final step, The Steam Team professionals will ensure that your home becomes odor-free.

If you’ve suffered from fire damage, we understand how devastating it can be. We encourage you to reach out to your local restoration company so we can start recovering your belongings and getting your home back to its original condition.