Should You Get Carpet Protection?

Carpet Protection Austin Texas

Carpet Protection Austin Texas

When you’re shopping for new carpet, chances are you’re expecting some stains to occur over its lifetime - let’s be realistic. Those chances increase if you have kids, pets, or are putting the carpet in a high traffic area, right? So, should you get carpet protection?

What Is Carpet Protection?

Protection for your carpet can be applied at the time of purchase or even long after you’ve owned the carpet. In fact, if you’re carpet is prone to stains, you may choose to have it reapplied after a thorough cleaning. The layer of protection acts as a shield against spills and dyes, preventing stains from setting. However, that doesn’t mean you can leave spills on the carpet and expect there to be no stain left - you’ll still have to clean up the messes.

How Long Does Carpet Protection Last?

Unfortunately, carpet protection won’t last forever. This is especially true when the carpet experiences lots of foot traffic. While cleaning your carpet regularly is absolutely necessary and helps to elongate its lifetime, vacuuming can actually weaken the protective layer on top of the carpet fibers over time. But, don’t stop vacuuming your carpet because of this, since dirt particles and other grime have the same effect. So, the bottom line when it comes to the lifetime of carpet protection really depends on where the carpet is in the house and how much traffic it gets.

How Often Should You Apply Carpet Protection?

Each time your carpets are professionally cleaned is a good time to add a layer of protection! It’s simple, quick, and easy. Plus, it makes cleaning up spills and avoiding stains that much easier - it’s a no-brainer for many homeowner’s. If you haven’t looked into steam cleaning or carpet protection yet, don’t hesitate to contact us here at The Steam Team.