How Does Soot Damage Your Home?

Water and Fire Damage Austin, Texas

Water and Fire Damage Austin, Texas

When it comes to dealing with a fire and its aftermath, many homeowners are concerned about the damage the fire itself causes. However, what you may not think about, is the damage the soot that’s left around your home can cause.



After firefighters finish putting out the fire, soot immediately begins to absorb into the walls, belongings, flooring, and other materials around the home.


Why is this dangerous?


Soot is acidic - not only does it cause discoloration, but it can also cause deterioration in these materials themselves. For example, the structure of your home is made out of wood - when soot is absorbed into the walls and left untreated, it can begin to break down that wood, causing harm to the overall structure.


But, wood isn’t the only material that soot can damage. In fact, within seconds, any materials that are affected will become discolored. While some of these are only temporarily stained, others could suffer permanent yellowing.


Now, these are only the damages that soot can cause to your home - what about the damage it can do to your health? Since the particles that make up soot are so tiny, they can very easily find their way into your lungs. Unfortunately, this can cause a number of respiratory issues and even heart disease.


So, what do you do?


When treated promptly by a professional restoration company, the soot can be removed altogether. But, it’s important to remember that professionals know the proper precautions to take so as to protect themselves from any health complications - because of this, it’s always advised that you stay out of your home until a restoration company is able to come and assess the damage.

If you’ve suffered from fire damage, the best thing you can do is call your local restoration company!