The Best Way to Remove Pet Odors

Pet Order Cleaning

Pet Order Cleaning

We’ve all been there - you bring home the new puppy and it isn’t 5 minutes before they’ve marked their territory - on your new carpet, nonetheless. Trying to soak up any excess liquid will only do so much, once the urine seeps into the fibers and carpet padding - you’ll be smelling it around the house for a long time. Even if you take several different cleaning products to it, it can still linger! How are you supposed to get that pet odor out of your carpet?

We’ve got just the answer: steam cleaning.

While renting a machine to do-it-yourself from a local hardware store may be cost-effective, it may not completely remove the odor just yet. That’s because the machines that your hardware store have are much less powerful than those that a professional company is equipped with.



Hiring a professional steam cleaning company - like us, here at The Steam Team - is always in your best interest, especially when it comes to removing those pet odors. The powerful suction that the vacuum gets from the truck-mounted system has been known to lift odors - even out of carpet padding!

Your Results

The exact result of your odor treatment will depend on each individual situation. For minor urine spots and smells, a thorough regular steam cleaning may just do the trick! It’s when the situation is severe that it gets tricky. When pet urine isn’t dealt with immediately, it can begin to set in - and even grow bacteria over time. In these extreme cases, you may actually need to replace the carpet altogether. Don’t lose hope for your carpets just yet - your steam cleaning professionals can assess the situation and give their recommendation based off of their knowledge and experience.


Are you dealing with an overwhelming pet odor? Have you been looking for just the right treatment? Don’t hesitate to contact us at The Steam Team - we’re always happy to help!