It's Time for Spring Cleaning!



Often times your carpets need a little more TLC than just a regular vacuuming. In fact, for most carpets, the manufacturers require an annual steam cleaning to maintain their warranty. If you haven’t cleaned those carpets in a while - it may be time for some spring cleaning! What are some of the best ways to refresh your home this season?

Steam Clean Those Floors

Whether you have carpet, tile, or hardwood - it all needs a periodic steam cleaning - even your rugs! Many homeowners wait to thoroughly clean (especially the floors) until there’s visible stains or damage. However, regular maintenance can significantly increase the lifetime of your floors - but we’re not just talking about weekly vacuuming or sweeping.



Regularly steam cleaning your flooring can help to eliminate any dirt, dust, and debris from damaging it - especially when it comes to carpet.

Don’t Forget The Furniture!

No matter the material of your furniture - whether it’s leather or another fabric - it can always use a good cleaning. Furniture is surprisingly overlooked when it comes to house cleaning, but it shouldn’t be - we spend a lot of time sitting on our furniture - if anything, it needs to be cleaned more often!

What About The Rest of Your House?

These are areas that can benefit from steam cleaning - although certainly not all of them. So what about the rest of your house? When’s the last time you wiped down the kitchen cabinets or cleaned out the washing machine? It’s the seasons for spring cleaning now, so it’s the perfect excuse to take time and really scrub down those countertops.

Should You Hire a Professional?

When it comes to deep cleaning like this, you may be better off hiring a professional in certain instances. For example, steam cleaning is always done more effectively (and efficiently) by an experienced professional (versus renting your own machine). However, you may be able to get away with cleaning the appliances and other areas of your house by yourself.


Is it time for a spring cleaning? Don’t hesitate to contact your local steam cleaning company - like us, here at The Steam Team, today!