A Quick Guide to Fire Safety

Fire Damage Emergency 24 Hour Service 

Fire Damage Emergency 24 Hour Service 

Fire safety is important no matter where you are - in a house, apartment, college dorm, etc. - but unfortunately, it’s often overlooked. In order to prevent fire damage, we’ve put together this quick guide for fire safety.

Fire Alarms

While you may be aware of the fire alarms around your house, you’re probably also (very) annoyed when they have low batteries (thanks to their repetitive noises). However, fire alarms are essential to fire safety around your home - it often takes longer to notice fires when you’re asleep as it is, having a fire alarm can alert you much quicker (and potentially save your life and your belongings).



Now, when they’re properly taken care of, you may never hear those annoying noises again! Make sure to test them periodically (once every week or every other week) and change their batteries at least once each year.

Kitchen Safety

Over half of house fires are started in the kitchen, believe it or not. The easiest way to avoid these fires, is to take precautions when cooking. Keep your eyes on the stove at all times, don’t leave children alone near the burners, etc.

Escape Plan

When you move into a new house, the best thing you can do to ensure your safety is to plan an escape plan. If there were to be a fire, what would be the best route to exit the house?

Fire Hazards

Lastly, eliminating fire hazards around the house is actually easier than you’d think. For example, don’t smoke cigarettes inside - and if you do (even if it’s outside), make sure you’re disposing of them properly. Other hazards include candles, which are best kept in a candle holder and away from anything that could catch on fire - like curtains or any other fabrics.


Don’t forget that if your home does suffer from fire damage - it’s important that you contact a professional restoration company as soon as you can (and avoid re-entering your home)!