Keeping the Kids From Tracking Mud in the House

Cleaning Service

Cleaning Service

If you’re a homeowner and a parent, we’re willing to bet that you’re plenty familiar with the struggles of keeping your carpet clean! Children are notorious for running around, inside and outside, and consequently tracking mud, dirt, and sand all over the house. A regular vacuuming/cleaning routine will help, but frequent mud stains can be a bit of a challenge.


Carpet Wear and Tear


Foot traffic is a major culprit to causing wear and tear on your carpet. To protect our flooring, we can start by encouraging all members of the household to leave their shoes near the front door. This way, mud and dirt on shoes will not come in contact with your carpet at all!


It seems simple, but placing a welcome mat at the front and back door will also help!


Removing Pesky Mud Stains


The sooner you tackle a stain, the better you chances are at thoroughly removing it from your carpet! For mud stains, always begin by removing the excess dirt from the area with a vacuum, or even a spatula or scraper. Next, apply either baking soda, or salt, onto the area and let it settle for several hours. This will help to absorb the remaining moisture from the mud. Finally, by blotting the area with a damp, soapy cloth, you should be able to remove the remainder of the stain. Viola!


If the above method does not work, try using a mixture of dish detergent and warm water, instead of salt/baking soda.


Call in the Professionals


Sometimes, it’s best to let the professionals handle everything! If you need help removing a tough stain, or your carpet appears dull and in need of a deep cleaning, give a call to your local steam cleaning company! A professional cleaning company, like The Steam Team, will have everything your carpet needs to return to its most pristine condition!