Your Pets Are Safe From Steam Cleaning

Are you ready to start steam cleaning this summer? Perhaps you are, and you have a few questions about the process! For instance, does this method of cleaning keep my pets safe? We’re here to at least answer that question, and maybe more! So stay tuned, and read more below! 

What is Steam Cleaning? 

Steam cleaning, or hot water extraction, is a method of cleaning that extracts dirt and grime from just about anything- using only hot water high water pressure! You can steam clean anything from the carpet, to the window blinds. You can rent a machine to clean your home yourself, or call in the professionals to do the legwork for you! 

Is Steam Cleaning Safe For Pets? 

Steam cleaning is absolutely safe for pets! Because it doesn’t involve the use of any chemicals or harsh cleaning solutions, and because it doesn’t leave behind any residue, it’s completely safe to steam clean around your pets. So if that carpeting could use a good deep cleaning because of Fido’s accidents, well, we’ve got you covered. 

Call in The Steam Team

The Steam Team is a professional cleaning and restoration company that excels in carpet cleaning! So, like we said, if your carpet needs to be steam cleaned, don’t hesitate to call in The Steam Team. We understand the plight of keeping everything clean and pristine when there are pets around. That’s why we’re so willing to lend a hand! 

Whether it’s your carpet that needs cleaning, your tile and grout, or upholstered furniture, The Steam Team has your back. We’ve been helping the city of Austin, TX for over a decade now, and would love to come out to your home and make a difference. Don’t let yourself get overwhelmed with cleaning this season; just call in The Steam Team!