A Short, Simple Guide to Preventing House Fires & Water Damage

Virtually nothing does damage to a home as quickly or as extensively as an out of control fire or water damage. Unfortunately, housefires are more common than one might think. The National Fire Protection Association says that there are about 365,500 house fires in the U.S. each year! To avoid increasing this horrible statistic, we’re here to provide some information on how to best prevent these fires from occuring in your home. If you have fire or water damage in your hoe in Horseshoe Bay, Texas we can be there in less then an hour to help put your house back together.

Regular Systems Check

When it comes to preventing house fires or water damage, you first need a basic understanding of what appliances and systems in the home are most likely to start fires. Then you need to regularly keep an eye on these systems and ensure that nothing is out of the ordinary. Your home’s electrical system, including the outlets, as well as the natural gas/LP system, and the air conditioning and heating systems, should all be inspected regularly by the homeowner or a hired professional. Horseshoe Bay, Texas water damage professionals for over 36 years.

Proper Alarms

Working smoke alarms are imperative to every homeowner’s safety as the first warning of possible fires in the home. A smoke alarm should be installed at every level of the home and in every bedroom to make sure that any fire outbreak will be detected. These alarms should be tested once per month, and have the batteries replaced if they don't work.

Kitchen and Wire Safety

Proper safety and caution should always be exercised when cooking in the kitchen or messing with electrical wires. Turn off stoves when they’re unattended, and don’t leave flammable items like rags anywhere near the burners. Don’t use wet hands when plugging in or unplugging anything from an outlet, and don’t cover electrical wires with flammable items like rugs.

The Steam Team

We hope these fire prevention tips have been helpful. In the event of an actual house fire, don’t forget that The Steam Team offers full restoration and cleaning to your affected property. For more information on fire damage restoration and our many other services, visit The Steam Team website. Horseshoe Bay water damage experts. Call us today! 512-451-8326

Mold Remediation Horseshoe Bay 101: How The Experts Advise Handling Mold

You know the dangers of mold, and you know how quickly it can spread! So why hesitate when you discover a mold issue in or around your home? As soon as you discover mold growing in your home, contact The Steam Team! We’ll be out in a jiffy to remedy the situation right away. What do we do, exactly? Well, there are 7 steps to our mold remediation process in Horseshoe Bay. We’ll walk you through them. If you live in Marble Falls and need mold remediation call us today.

Mold Damage Examination

We’ll start by examining the area. The Steam Team has the latest, greatest technology to help us examine water damage and detect mold in your home! We won’t miss a thing. We have been doing Mold and water damage in Marble Falls and Horseshoe Bay for almost 40 years.

Water Extraction and Drying

Then we’ll move onto drying out the affected area. This includes using commercial-grade dehumidifiers and advanced moisture meters. It sounds complicated, but don’t worry; we’ve got it! Marble Falls water damage and drying experts.

Containment of Affected Area

Next, the affected area must be contained. We’ll seal it off so that everyone’s protected from the mold. We can even stop the spread of mold using negative air pressure. Sounds cool, right? Horseshoe Bay water damage 24 hour service.

Disposal of Affected Materials

Next, we remove all materials affected by the mold. Unfortunately, we can’t hold onto them.

Air Condition Treatment and HVAC

Your HVAC system will be completely evaluated at this point. We’ll check it for mold growth and make sure it’s functioning properly!

Mold Disinfect

Then we’ll move onto disinfecting your home or office. Everything will be cleaned. You’ll love this step of the process!

Mold Damage Repair and Restoration

Remember, no matter how great the project may be, The Steam Team has the capabilities to handle it! You can rely on us to remedy any moldy situation you may encounter.

Like we mentioned before, The Steam Team always has your back! As soon as you detect a mold issue in your house, give us a call. We can be at your house in Horseshoe Bay or Marble Falls in less then an hour.