Taking a Toll on Tile: What Not to Do When Cleaning Tile

Are you taking a toll on your tile? There are many things we can do that aren’t so great for tile, and we might not know we’re doing them. Below you’ll find a great list of don’ts when it comes to tile care, and we’ll also explain how The Steam Team can help you keep your flooring clean. We are Austin's tile and grout cleaning experts


Don’t Use Abrasive Tools


Never use abrasive tools, or anything like steel wool to clean your tile flooring. They easily damage the finishing. Soft mops and sponges are usually all that’s needed!


Don’t Let Stains Sit


Don’t forget to not let stains sit! The longer they sit, the more likely they are to stay.


Be Careful With Your Vacuum


Not all vacuums are suitable for tile flooring. Make sure yours is set to the correct setting at all times. Don’t use a vacuum’s beater bar on tile flooring as it may scratch or dull the finish.


Don’t Forget to Sweep and Mop


It’s not too difficult to frequently sweep and mop your tile floors, and it does wonders at preventing damage to both the tile and grout. Lightly sweep on the daily, and mop once a week; as long as you don’t have intense foot traffic, you should be good to go!


Don’t Forget Your Door Mats!


Catch that dirt before it has an opportunity to reach your tile! Place doormats at all entrances to your home, as most dirt that enters the home does so through our shoes. Doormats are extremely helpful in keeping your flooring clean- we just don’t think about it all the time!

We hope you aren’t making these mistakes, but if you are, at least now you know what to do! Follow these guidelines and your tile will continue to sparkle! And don’t forget- The Steam Team is always on your side. We know that it’s easy to neglect tile floors because they’re so difficult to clean, so leave the job to us. We’ll take expert care of your tile and grout!