A Quick Guide to Furniture Maintenance

Cleaning By The Steam Team Austin

Cleaning By The Steam Team Austin

Many homeowners prefer upholstery furniture for its advantages, such as its long lifespan, easy cleanup, and aesthetic appeal! Here at The Steam Team, we’ve set out to help you maintain your furniture so that it lasts as long as possible, and looks as if you’ve just bought it. Just follow this quick guide to upholstery maintenance and you’ll be good to go! Contact us today for quick reliable service. 


Always Dust and Vacuum Your Furniture


Routinely use a dry cloth to dust your upholstered sofa and furniture, and keep it looking clean and inviting! You can also use the upholstery attachment on your vacuum cleaner to remove the dust and debris from the tightest of crevices and corners. There’s nothing like a perfectly clean sofa after a long day of, well, cleaning.


Make Sure to Avoid Products Not Suitable for Upholstery


Avoid using cleaning products that aren’t specifically designed for upholstered material. You could easily damage your sofa by ignoring this great rule of thumb, but by following it, you can elongate its life span and help your furniture look its best. Unfortunately most all-purpose cleaners aren’t suitable for upholstery, so you’ll likely have to seek out a specific formula. We also offer the most thorough rug cleaning ever. For all your textiles visit our office cleaning plant located at 9901 Burnet Rd. Austin, TX 78758.


Properly Protect Your Furniture


Lastly, be sure to properly protect your upholstered furniture on a routine basis. However, again make sure you’re using the correct product. A professional cleaning company can help you decipher which cleaning and conditioning formula that you should use.

Keeping your upholstery clean and protected will help to optimize its elasticity, help it last much longer, and of course, help it to look inviting to not only you, but any house guests you have over! And don’t forget- The Steam Team is constantly standing by to help you with any of your cleaning and restoration needs! We’re happy to come out and help your leather furniture sparkle.