5 Cleaning Mistakes to Avoid



Everyone makes mistakes, even when it comes to cleaning! It’s easy to use the wrong product, scrub and not blot, wash windows on a sunny day, or make an even worse mistake- bleaching the wrong garment. Cleaning isn’t as simple as one might think, and it’s really easy to cause a hiccup on your chore day! Follow these tips from the professionals, and you’ll avoid making the most common mistakes! We are your one stop carpet stain and rug cleaning professionals


Scrubbing Stains from Carpeting


While your first instinct may be to scrub away a spill, it’s best to first dry the stain and then blot it clean. Not only will the scrubbing push the stain further into the carpet, but it also unravels carpet fibers- and that can’t be undone!


Assuming Cleaners are Disinfectants


Certainly, you can clean without a disinfectant. But what about areas in the home like sinks, toilets, door handles… you may want to pay attention to labels and make sure your solution is a true disinfectant.


Using Too Much Cleaning Solution


More is not better! Stick to what the label says. Using more cleaner is simply a waste, and you could cause residue and gunk to build up if you use too much! So use it sparingly, friends!


Using Furniture Polish Every Time You Dust


Try using a damp cloth instead of furniture polish. While furniture polish helps our shelves and surfaces look shiny, and smell fresh, it should always be used sparingly!


Washing Windows on a Sunny Day


It seems logical to wash windows on a bright day when you’re in the perfect cleaning mood! But actually, it’s best to wait for a cloudy day. The hot sun can cause streaking and make your cleaning solution evaporate more quickly! For the best prices in Austin, Texas give The Steam Team a call 512-451-8326 today.


We hope these tips have been insightful for you! Happy cleaning!