When Disaster Strikes: Storm Damage Cleanup

When a thunderstorm strikes, our first thought is usually not the damage it could do to our house. Usually we’re just trying to go back to sleep, or watching it rain out the window. But the truth is that storms can do a number to our homes, and we should know what to expect out of the cleanup process! Here are three tips for getting through the rough times- and as always, The Steam Team is here to help!


Be Patient


The first thing you’ll need to know is that you’ll need to remain patient. Water extraction takes time. For instance, if your home is flooded, only two to three feet of water can be extracted per day. If we move faster than this, we risk structural damage. And of course, expect to have to remove all carpeting. You might also anticipate warped wooden floor boards, as well. But don’t worry; The Steam Team has your back.


Expect a Mess


Next, unfortunately, you should expect there to be a mess. Once the water has subsided, a large amount of mud will be left behind. Not to mention there will be other contaminants that aren’t safe. You’ll have to begin by shoveling out the mud, and hosing down everything afterward. Then, sanitize, sanitize, sanitize.


Check for Signs of Mold


Lastly, watch out for signs of mold growth! With standing water, mold growth is almost inevitable. And it only takes twenty four hours for mold to begin to grow and spread, folks. So look out! It may be wise to have your home inspected by the professionals. A professional cleaning and restoration company, like The Steam Team, can help with mold remediation too!

We hope your home remains safe during the thunderstorms that come our way as we reach the summer. But if ever you’re in need of some professional help, don’t hesitate to give The Steam Team a call!