How Are Your Austin Allergies- Need Duct Cleaning?

air duct cleaning austin

air duct cleaning austin

It’s that time of year again – our Austin allergies are at an all-time high! Have you been walking around sniffling and blowing your nose non-stop lately? That’s sure what it feels like, anyway! Even if you stay inside, it still feels like you can’t escape the tiny cedar particles that seem to be everywhere.  Austin, Texas


There is one thing around the house you could do to help your allergies. Even if you have an air purifier, you won’t be able to fully combat those allergens until you’ve had your air ducts cleaned!


Air Duct Cleaning


When’s the last time you had your HVAC or air ducts cleaned? We’re willing to guess it was last year, or maybe even before that!  


A good, professional, deep cleaning for your air ducts can actually help to alleviate these kinds of allergy symptoms. Here at The Steam Team, we use state of the art “source removal” equipment to remove all of these allergens and pollutants from the air inside your home.


That’s not all…


You’ll enjoy a cleaner, fresher air quality without feeling like you’re breathing cedar in constantly.

As if the lack of allergens in your home isn’t enough, cleaning your air ducts can also improve your HVAC system’s efficiency. The air will be able to flow more freely through the system without all the dust and debris in the way, meaning your system doesn’t have to work as hard.

It won’t take as long for your HVAC system to heat or cool your home, increasing your home’s energy efficiency and decreasing your energy bills (which always reach an all-time high during the summer time).


What are you waiting for? Combat those Austin allergies with a professional air duct cleaning and breathe easy knowing your air is clean. Contact us at The Steam Team today!