5 Cleaning Myths - BUSTED! Austin TX Rug Cleaning

Cleaning Up Water Damage In Austin 

Cleaning Up Water Damage In Austin 

Homeowners are always questioning whether their cleaning methods are proper, or if they should be doing something else. There are all sorts of myths out there that we can debunk! So let’s take a glance at a few myths about steam cleaning and carpet cleaning, and figure out whether or not they’re true! Austin Texas Rug Cleaning.


Myth #1 Steam Cleaning WIll Leave Too Much Moisture in my Carpet


False! While a steam cleaning machine uses moisture, you’ll have no need to worry about mold! The Steam Team uses a vacuum that removes 85% of moisture- and we will never leave you with wet carpet!


Myth #2 My Carpet Doesn’t Need Steam Cleaning - Household Cleaners Will Do


Busted! Household cleaners can only do so much, reach so far into your carpet fibers, and sometimes they make matters worse. They could also leave behind a residue that a steam cleaner definitely won’t leave. Rug Cleaning in Austin, Texas.


Myth #3 My Carpet is Clean “Enough”


Not always true. Your carpet may look fine on the surface, but deep down, you’ve no idea what’s lurking underneath. A steam cleaner extracts dirt, dust, dander, and so much more from way within your carpet fibers- leaving it clean and pristine.


Myth #4 I have a Great Cleaning Routine - I Don’t Need Professionals


While we’re happy to hear you’ve established an effective cleaning routine, it’s true that every carpet needs professional treatment from time to time. You won’t regret calling in the professionals. There’s just something about knowing that your carpet is truly in tip top shape!


Myth #5 Steam Cleaning Uses Harsh Chemicals


Another myth busted! All that The Steam Team cleans with is intense heat, and pressurized water. No chemicals or cleaning solutions… nothing. It’s completely safe for your family and the environment!


Don’t hesitate… give The Steam Team Austin a call today! We’ll have your carpet looking fantastic in no time! Area Rug Cleaning Professionals!