Your Guide to Cleaning Furniture

Is your leather sofa appearing a little dingy or worn out? Perhaps it’s time to give it a good cleaning- one that will last, and not damage your favorite living room lounging spot! Below we’ll explain the steps to thoroughly, effectively clean leather upholstery so that your sofa (and consequently, your living room) will look brand new again.


Step One: Vacuum the Sofa to Remove Dust and Dirt


This step is relatively easy! Be sure to use a soft vacuum attachment. You don’t want to rub in any of the dust, dirt, or debris. Instead, suck it all up into the vacuum before you apply any sort of cleanser.


Step Two:  Grab Your Cleaning Solution

Tile Cleaning in Round Rock, Texas

Tile Cleaning in Round Rock, Texas


Maybe it’s a store bought product, or your own mixture. Just be sure it’s completely safe to use on leather, or else you’ll have many regrets after cleaning! White vinegar may have a strong scent to it, but it’s perfectly safe for leather and for the rest of the environment: children, pets, you, etc. Create a mixture of equal parts water and white vinegar, and rub down the sofa with a microfiber cloth. You’ll want to wring out the cloth a bit so that it’s not sopping wet. Damp is good enough.


Step Three: Dry & Condition


You’re almost finished! Just one more step. Dry the leather sofa with a clean, fresh towel, and maybe turn on the ceiling or box fan to help expedite the process. Bring out the white vinegar again, and mix it with linseed or flaxseed oil. Or use a commercial leather conditioner; there are plenty of those out on the market. The next day, “buff,” the sofa with another clean towel- and you’re finished!

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