The Pros of Calling the Pro's for Rug Cleaning In Austin Texas

Austin Area Rug Cleaning Burnet Rd. 

Austin Area Rug Cleaning Burnet Rd. 

Ah… the carpet and rugs, the things we completely “forget,” to clean during chore day. Here at The Steam Team, we can hardly blame you! It’s not a simple chore, as it often involves removing everything or even dropping your rugs off at a local cleaning facility. So it’s no wonder that this chore is so easily forgotten about. However, if you call in the professionals, you’ll have clean and pristine drapes in no time- with absolutely zero hassle! We service all of Austin, Texas with our central rug cleaning plant. 


Calling in the Pro’s for Steam cleaning rugs and area rugs 


Even if your rugs or draperies are delicate- there’s no problem. The Steam Team uses gentle methods of cleaning, that include either a low moisture hot water extraction method, or even a dry cleaning process, so you won’t need to worry about damage to any fabric. Remember- our customers are our top priority; your satisfaction is what we strive for. We’ll do our best to treat your draperies with care and caution. Our rug plant is located at 9901 Burnet Rd. Austin, Tx.


The Steam Team can clean your rugs and drapes in your home or office. There’s absolutely no need to remove them, dust them, do any sort of preliminary cleaning, and you definitely don’t need to drop them off anywhere. We’ll come to you and shortly after we arrive, you’ll barely recognize your draperies as they’ll look so sparkling clean!


What Other Services Does The Steam Team Provide?

So you’re interested in calling The Steam Team, eh? We’d say that’s a mighty fine decision. And of course, it’s not just draperies and window treatments that we cover. We help with water, fire, and smoke damage and restoration, and many types of cleaning, included but certainly not limited to: tile and grout, hardwood flooring, carpet, marble and natural stone, and even concrete staining! If you’re in need of any cleaning or restoration service, The Steam Team is who you want to call! The Steam Team of Austin, Texas.