Is it Time to Clean Your Tile or Grout?

Many of us would agree that there are few chores as frustrating as mopping, especially when you’re mopping tile and grout. The worst part is that sometimes your tile and grout still appears grimy after you’ve put in a good cleaning! Well, you’re not imagining things. This often happens to tile flooring and sometimes stained grout doesn’t make it look any better.

Clean it, Then Seal it!

Grout is a porous material, therefore it absorbs dirt, grime, and the liquids we spill onto it. All of this together will discolor the grout over time, leaving our floors filthy and emphasizing the stains in its surrounding tiles, as well!

Tile Cleaning

Tile Cleaning


There are a couple things to consider when cleaning your floors. First, if you’re cleaning with bleach or other chemicals, make sure you have proper ventilation. Double check labels to find out whether or not you need to be wearing protective gloves or a mask! It’s also important to use only cleaning solutions that are specially formulated for tile and grout. Some products that aren’t meant to clean these materials can actually break down the sealant, resulting in susceptibility to stains, or discoloration. For expert tile cleaning austin call The Steam Team. 


After you’ve finished cleaning, consider adding a layer of grout sealing. This will help prevent future stains from affecting your tile and grout. Find the type that suits the room you’re installing it in, and be sure to reapply the sealer as necessary (some may need to be reapplied more often than others, but the process isn’t complicated).


Calling in Professionals

Don’t forget! For professional looking results, consider hiring a professionally trained steam cleaning company! Steam cleaning will clean your floor more thoroughly than a traditional mopping or scrubbing. And it won’t harm the environment, your children, or pets! The Steam Team has the equipment and expertise to help your tile flooring look like new again. Don’t hesitate to give us a call!