Keeping Stains Away from Grout

Tile Cleaning

Tile Cleaning

There are several factors that play into the amounts of stains and their permanency on the grout between your tiles. For example, the location is huge - do you have tiles in your kitchen, bathroom, entryway? These are often the most common areas to place tile - yet also where they are most susceptible to stains.

Color of Grout

In most cases, grout is lightly colored - often white. While it looks bright between your tiles and makes them look crisp and clean, it also shows stains much more easily. In fact, the contrast between the light color of the grout and the color of the liquid, it makes the stain even more visible to the naked eye.

Width of Grout

When you choose tile flooring, you also choose how far apart you want the tile - which will then determine the width of your grout. The wider the grout is, the more likely it is to be stained. However, you don’t want your tiles too close together, either. There is a happy medium in there somewhere, or rather, a better solution…

Grout Sealant

Grout sealant is a much better solution than worrying about the width or color of your grout. You shouldn’t have to compromise on the aesthetic appeal you want your flooring to have (and yes, your grout is included in that) to protect your flooring from absorbing stains. When you lay grout (or even afterwards), it’s important to seal the grout itself so it won’t absorb other materials that are accidentally spilled on top of it.



If you watch spaghetti sauce spill in your kitchen, or maybe see mud tracked through your entryway - don’t panic! There are many ways to effectively and efficiently clean up those stains. Enter: Steam Cleaning. The last thing you want to do is make the stain spread and become worse - so call in those professionals!