Is it Time to Restore Your Natural Stone?

Natural Stone Refinishing Polishing 

Natural Stone Refinishing Polishing 

Over time, with normal wear and tear, natural stone floors can start to lose their luster - their shine and their beautiful appeal. They may begin to look dull, like someone - many people, many shoes - have been walking on them for years, right?


So, is it time to restore your natural stone floors?


Let’s investigate this a little further.

What to Look For

There are many different signs that can tell you whether or not it’s time for natural stone restoration - not all of them have to do with their shine or scuff marks that have been left over the years. In fact, sometimes the tiles can become uneven just from different wear and tear. In more extreme cases, you could be looking at cracked stone which allows dirt and grime buildup to damage the stone itself. If you’re dealing with either of these, deep stains, or even if you don’t like the appearance of your stone - it’s time for a restoration.

How Restoration Works

There are many cleaners that can actually damage natural stone, so it’s always recommended to hire a professional when looking to clean, refinish, or completely restore your stone flooring.


Restoration involves polishing and completely refinishing your floors to ensure that they get that beautiful luster and shine back just as they first had when they were first installed.


Making the decision to restore your natural flooring may not be an easy one, but we can promise you it will save you money in the long run - instead of having to replace your floors all together. Keep in mind; the sooner you decide to restore natural stone, the easier the process will be!

Don’t wait if you’re questioning the luster on your stone floors - call The Steam Team today!