Are You Suffering From Allergies? Clean Your Air Ducts!

Air Duct Cleaning Austin TX

Air Duct Cleaning Austin TX

Allergies often accompany the season of Spring, especially here in Austin which is often referred to as the ‘allergy capital of the world.’ With all of the allergens that are stirred up around us, you may be experiencing a stuffy nose or horrible congestion. While this certainly has to do with the outdoors, that doesn’t mean you’ll feel better the instant you walk indoors. However, there may be something you can do - have you cleaned your air ducts lately?



Air ducts are a commonly ignored part of the house, but they also hold onto many allergens within your home. Not only does dust, dirt, and other grime build up within your air ducts, but mold can often be found as well. If this is the case, you could be having an allergic reaction to the mold buildup or even the dust that continues to circulate throughout your home.

How Can You Clean Your Air Ducts?

Cleaning your air ducts should be done correctly, if not - it could actually cause more harm than good. So, your best bet is to hire a professional cleaning company. Not only will they inspect the ducts themselves, but they’ll also look at your HVAC system altogether to make sure there isn’t anything abnormal causing these issues.

Are There Other Benefits to Air Duct Cleaning?

Absolutely! If you think it’s time to clean your air ducts, give us a call here at The Steam Team. We’re happy to take a look and advise what would work best for your situation. There is one major added benefit to this type of cleaning, besides getting rid of allergens around your home, and that is - a more efficiently working HVAC system! When this kind of excess buildup occurs, it can actually cause the system to work harder to try and circulate the air throughout your home. Removing that build up, allows the air to flow more freely.


Is there dust collecting around your ducts? Don’t wait - give us a call today!