Water Damage and Your Health

24 Hour Water Damage Austin

24 Hour Water Damage Austin

Whether you’re dealing with a relatively small flood from an appliance or a major flood from a natural disaster, water can damage more than just your home - it affects your health, too. The longer water is left to sit, the more bacteria it grows.



There are different levels of water contamination, which will vary depending on the source of the water. Often times, floodwaters are the most contaminated as they pick up sewage and other dangerous bacteria along the way. However, any water that is left standing can accumulate bacteria and become more contaminated!



It’s important to understand the health risks that floodwater can cause before re-entering your home or trying to do any clean up. Water doesn’t just stay on the floor and then leave once a professional comes to remove it, it soaks into the walls and many other materials around your home (furniture, cabinets, etc.) - and this is where the mold begins to grow.



While you may not have an allergy to mold, everyone can experience health effects from mold when it’s spread in large quantities. Just like water, when left without treatment, mold can become more dangerous with time (and rapidly). In severe cases, you could even be dealing with toxic mold - which can not only cause health complications, but death as well.



So, how can you protect your health in times like these?



Surprisingly, it’s relatively simple. The first step is to contact a professional cleaning and restoration company (like The Steam Team). Let the professionals assess the damage of your home and any safety concerns before you try to do anything yourself. When water damage isn’t dealt with immediately, the dangerous contamination can actually stay in your walls for years to come, so don’t hesitate to make that phone call if you find yourself in this situation!