Do You Need Cleaning for a Commercial Property?

Commercial Cleaning Janitorial

Commercial Cleaning Janitorial

Your house isn’t the only place that can collect dust, dirt, and other grime. In fact, you probably spend an equal amount of time at the office (if not more). No matter the size or type of flooring - The Steam Team can help you restore it’s beautiful and clean look. You probably know that part of professionalism is your appearance, but that also includes the office space you work in. If you expect your customers to think you’re a professional, keeping your office pristine is one of the first steps!

How is Commercial Cleaning Different?

When it comes to restoring flooring in a commercial setting, you may not think it would be very different than restoration at your home. However, the frequency in which you’ll need cleaning and the process itself definitely vary.



As opposed to cleaning your home, cleaning your office space will likely need to be done much more often. At home, your floors probably receive less than half of the amount of traffic that your office floors do. With all of this additional foot traffic, your floors are collecting scuffs, dirt, dust, and other particles that could be damaging over time.

What About Regular Maintenance?

Just like you would at home, no matter what kind of flooring you have, regular maintenance is always recommended. For example, vacuuming carpets regularly can help to decrease the amount of dirt and debris that’s collecting. Decreasing this debris can also help elongate the lifetime of your flooring, as it minimizes the damage the debris can cause.

How Often Do You Need Commercial Cleaning?

Aside from the regular maintenance, however, how often do you need commercial cleaning? It’s recommended to deep clean your flooring anywhere from every month to annually - depending on the amount of traffic in each area. If you’re noticing odors or see stains or other damage to your flooring, it’s probably time for a good, thorough, deep cleaning.