The Best Way to Remove Stains from Tile Grout in Austin Texas

Stain Removal Austin

Stain Removal Austin

Tile flooring is commonly used around the house in kitchens, bathrooms, and laundry rooms. Often times, these are the messiest areas, too! While tile can usually make for an easy clean up, the grout absorbs stains almost instantly. So how are you supposed to remove those pesky stains? Don’t waste your time trying to scrub them away with a little brush - unfortunately, because grout is such a porous material, a cleaning method like this won’t remove anything it’s absorbed.

How Does Steam Cleaning Work?



Just as you would change setting on a vacuum for the flooring you’re trying to clean, steam cleaning uses a variety of methods for different floors. When it comes to tile flooring, we complete every job with an 8-step process.


Once the area is properly prepared for steam cleaning (swept, vacuumed, dusted, etc.), a cleaning agent is applied atop the tile. While this works its way under the stains, we can spot clean certain areas that may appear worse than others. In some cases for higher traffic areas, your technician may need to use a mechanical brush.


Now for the fun part… The machine used to clean your tile floors uses a high pressure system that is able to clean away any dirt and grime, lifting the toughest stains from underneath your grout. Here’s how it works; the high pressure system extracts water over the tile flooring, then it uses a vacuum to pull away any residues.


So why does steam cleaning work better than other options for tile and grout? For several reasons, but ultimately; the pores of grout can run deep into your floors, in areas that are impossible to reach with any kind of brush. In fact, if you try to vigorously attack a stain with a small brush (like most people do), it could end up wearing away or chipping the grout itself. Next time you spill a glass of red wine in your kitchen, don’t worry about the grout - we’ve got you covered!