An Essential Guide To Refinishing Your Hardwood Floor in Austin

Hardwood Floor Cleaning Austin

Hardwood Floor Cleaning Austin

Have your hardwood floors been looking a little dull lately? No matter how hard you work to sweep, dust, and mop it just doesn’t seem to brighten the wood like it used to, right? Maybe you’ve noticed a few scratches here and there, but then you remember the huge gouge that you’ve been trying to hide for months. Ah, yes - maybe it is time to refinish your flooring after all. While it can be a difficult process, if you leave it to the trained professionals you won’t have anything to worry about!

Cleaning Maintenance

While refinishing your hardwoods will undoubtedly transform their appearance, it shouldn’t be overdone. Keeping up with regular cleaning maintenance is important for the wear and tear of your flooring - it shouldn’t need to be refinished more than 3 times throughout its life. Typically, cleaning alone will improve its aesthetic appeal, too, unless it needs to be refinished of course.

The Process

One of the most essential aspects of the entire refinishing process is the amount of dust that can collect on your floor. Luckily, there are products that can create a dust-free environment, eliminating any risk of trapping any particles under the finish.

Damage Repair

If your floor boards have begun separating, this can create larger cracks between each plank of wood - a perfect place to collect dirt, dust, and grime - yuck! The first step to refinishing your floors is to make sure any cracks like these, gouges, scratches, and holes are filled.

Removing Prior Finish

To remove any prior finish, a light abrasive is used to avoid damaging the wood floor in any way. Typically, this will gently take off the previous finish just enough to create an adhesive surface for the new finish.

Finishing It Off!

Applying the finish to your hardwoods is one of the easiest steps, especially for you! When choosing the type of finish to top it all off you have a couple options; gloss or matte finish. But, once you’ve done that - leave the hard work to the professionals! You’ll be blown away by how incredible your hardwood flooring looks.