Carpet Cleaning in Austin Environmentally Friendly

Environmentally Friendly Carpet Cleaning

Environmentally Friendly Carpet Cleaning

When it comes time to give your home or office (or home-office) a deep cleaning, the methods you set out to choose from are multifarious! But none are quite as easy on the environment as is our favorite approach to cleaning: steam cleaning. We know this makes it very special to us, but what makes steam cleaning preferable to our planet Earth, might you ask? Carpet Cleaning in Austin.

Steam Over Solution

(Chemical solutions, that is.)

Contrary to methods that rely on cleaning products and potentially harmful chemicals, the only tools of our trade are hot water, and high water pressure. A steam cleaner combines these two elements to eradicate stains, bacteria, grime, etc- without harming the environment!

Bonus Tip: No cleaning detergents or solutions = money well saved!

Why Call in the Pro’s?

So far, we’ve portrayed steam cleaning as a relatively simple process. But that doesn’t mean that every project belongs on the DIY List. Simply put, it can be difficult to achieve professional-looking results without professional-grade equipment! Not to mention, by attempting a project on your own, you may risk causing further damage…

What Else is Out There?

In addition to being safe for our environment and wellbeing, steam cleaning has many benefits that are worth bragging about!

  • Cleans Like New! No residue, no markings, everything looks flawless afterward!
  • Convenience- Steam cleaners are versatile. In the bathroom, kitchen, dining room- wherever,you are, it’s probably safe to steam clean!

  • Mold Prevention- Sure, steam cleaning involves a bit of moisture, but the area dries quickly. No need to fret over mold growth!

From fire/water damage restoration, to tile and grout cleaning, to concrete staining, The Steam Team strives to be there for you in times of need. For professional results, excellent customer care, and an all around great experience through a potentially stressful project- call The Steam Team today!