How to stain and clean concrete?

Local Cleaning Company 

Local Cleaning Company 

As homeowners discover its benefits, concrete flooring is growing increasingly more popular! Indoor concrete flooring is unique, durable, and easy to modify and/or enhance. So, instead of remodeling an entire room (rearranging or purchasing new furniture, area rugs, paintings, etc) we can change the look of a concrete area by applying a stain- this is easy, inexpensive, and can be done for you by a team of professionals!


Step 1: Preparation


First, let’s begin by thoroughly cleaning the floor that is to be stained! Use a vacuum or broom to remove excess dirt and residue. Carefully tape off sections that shouldn’t be stained. Be as precise as is possible, as once the stain dries, it may be difficult to remove.


Step 2: Perform a Pre-Test


As you would with a new household cleaner, test an inconspicuous area of the flooring to get an idea of how the stain will look. Keep in mind that if you’re not pleased with the shade, you can always dilute the concrete stain, or otherwise adjust it accordingly (just pay close attention to the manufacturer’s instructions)!


Step 3: Apply the Stain


If you are doing this step by yourself, ensure that you’re using an adequate sprayer, and be careful not to overspray (if puddles are forming you’ll know to cut back). A shop broom can be used to even out the area. Again, for more precise results, call a professional!


Step 4: Apply a Sealant


After the stain has had plenty of time to dry, apply a protective layer of concrete sealant. This simple step does wonders to protect the color of your stain, and keeps your concrete flooring looking marvelous!


If you’re itching for an upgrade in your home, or if your concrete patio is losing its luster, improve your view by calling in the professionals for a concrete staining! Yes, it’s true that you could venture down the DIY path, but this method is more risky; a team of experienced professionals will have the perfect tools, knowledge, and experience to finish the job without mistakes!