The Best Ways to Clean Your Tile Austin, Texas

Natural Stone Cleaning Austin, TX

Natural Stone Cleaning Austin, TX

The Best Ways to Clean Your Tile

Having tile flooring throughout your home definitely has its benefits – longevity, variety, health, and most of all, it’s low maintenance. Assuming your tile is sealed correctly, it can typically withstand liquid spills, pet accidents, and water. Even though they’re low maintenance, cleaning tile floors is still a necessary task to keep your floors in their optimal condition.

Dry Cleaning

Regularly sweeping or vacuuming your tile floors will guarantee that all dirt and debris is cleaned away. If dirt is left to sit on your tile flooring, areas that are often wet will make the debris extremely tough to remove.


Shockingly enough, using water is one of the best methods to clean your tile floors. As with other flooring, you’ll want to pick up any spills or debris as soon as possible to ensure the liquid does not stain your grout or soak into a porous stone.

Deep Cleaning

There are several household items – such as vinegar – that work well to deep clean tile floors. However, you should note that vinegar should never be used on marble. You may need to deep clean your floors if they are starting to look dull, have mildew or rust, or have deeply stained grout.

Hiring a Professional

To guarantee your floors are properly cleaned and to get the best results, hiring a professional is always optimal. The Steam Team has an 8-step process to ensure the flooring is looking its best. Beginning with a pre-inspection, our technicians will set your expectations by thoroughly inspecting each area and noting the challenging ones.

It’s important that your other floors are not cleaned with the same techniques or solutions that is touching your tile flooring. For this reason, many professionals will ensure that your hardwood or carpeted areas are not disturbed throughout the cleaning.

The Steam Team is able to remove stains in your grout and tile floors, using only the best techniques and latest equipment. If you need your tile floors cleaned, don’t hesitate to give us a call!