How does Steam Cleaning Work? Round Rock, Tx

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How does Steam Cleaning Work?

By Amy Renken

Whether you have stains spread widely across your carpet or you only need to spot treat a couple places – there are several different methods of cleaning that you can try to clean your carpet; dry cleaning, spot treating, steam cleaning, etc. Many of these methods will appear to clean the mess, but will only clean it from the surface of your carpet fibers. Meaning; there are still thousands of particles of dirt and debris in your carpet – so, is it really “clean?” You may think you’re getting the job done, but have you been noticing that you’re having to clean your carpet more regularly?

So, how does it work?

Most dry cleaning carpet methods will attack the top third of your carpet fibers, whereas steam cleaning (or hot water extraction) is known to really dig down deep in your carpet and get everything out. The process is fairly simple and quick, too, so you won’t have to worry about staying off your carpets for weeks (like you would with wet shampooing).

It begins with a cleaning agent that is mixed with the water in a tank. This agent is usually perfectly safe for your pets, children, and home in general, but you should always clarify that before beginning the process. Once the water and cleaning solution are combined, the machine can get to work!

The machine used a high amount of pressure to push this solution through your carpet, following it almost immediately – the machine will then use an extremely high pressured suction vacuum to remove all of the moisture from your carpet. If you hire a professional, typically their equipment is mounted in their truck, giving them the advantage of removing the waste from your house simultaneously while cleaning in addition to the amount of power the truck provides – versus a portable or rental unit.

Are you tired of your carpets causing an eye-sore in your home? Sick of looking at those stains and knowing how dirty it is? Give us a quick call – we’re happy to help!