The most important thing following damage is your safety. Re-entering the house after a fire (no matter the size) poses numerous safety risks. So, don’t forget! First thing’s first: prioritize your health. We are experts at repairing homes in San Antonio for fire damage and water damage. 

Protecting Yourself from Physical Damage

Both fire and water weaken the house structure - floors, walls, ceilings, even the roof could collapse. Before the home and surrounding areas have been inspected, there’s no guarantee that anything is safe. Don’t take the chance.


In order to properly protect yourself and your family, the structure must be sound and the entire area will need to be thoroughly cleaned.

Ensuring A Safe Environment

The Steam Team inspects and secures the entire environment before beginning the restoration to ensure that everyone will be safe both during and after the process.


Safety Guidelines:


  • Smoke & Ash

If left behind (or not properly removed), smoke and ash both pose dangerous risks to the home structure and your health. That’s why it’s important to leave the premises during and after fire damage - it could affect your lungs.


  • Window & Roof Care

Often times in larger fires, the windows and roof become compromised. In this case, professionals know how to board up the windows and tarp the roof to protect any additional damage from occurring.


When the proper measures are not taken, there’s additional risk for prolonged damage especially over extended periods of time. That’s why we always stress the importance of involving a professional restoration company from the very beginning.


Not sure who you can call? The Steam Team is available to help you 24 hours a day, 7 days a week! If you have a fire or water damage in San Antonio call The Steam Team.