The First 3 Steps to Take After Water & Fire Damage Restoration Corpus Christi

Corpus Christi Water Damage

Corpus Christi Water Damage


No matter how drastic the damage is, fires are always devastating. Your personal items may have been destroyed, parts of your home damaged, and your sanity- wrecked. We totally understand how these times can be stressful; that’s why we’re here to help! Below you’ll find a guide consisting of the first three steps you should take after a fire! Pay close attention as we believe these tips are highly helpful! Immediate Corpus Christi water damage service. 


First, Make a Few Phone Calls


First, you’ll want to call your insurance company! They’ll need to come out and evaluate the area and damage, and make estimates.


Ventilate the Area


Before the next step, make sure you set up box fans around the area and open every existing window; this will help to air out your home and protect you against smoke and ash inhalation. This simple step goes a long way in making sure the environment is safe for everyone involved in the cleanup process. Corpus Christi drying equipment rental


Call in The Steam Team


Often times, fire damage results in water damage as well. How else would those flames be stifled? You’ll need a professional cleaning and restoration company to help you remedy the situation, and The Steam Team is perfect for the job! Our team of trained professionals will arrive promptly at your home, assess the damage, and begin cleanup immediately. We’ll also inspect your property for structural damage, as well as smoke damage- just in case.


When it comes to disastrous situations, The Steam Team is available 24/7, around the clock, to help you out! Don’t hesitate to give us a call during a fire, flood, or other natural disaster! We’ll be out in a jiffy to make estimates, clean up, and protect your home from the damage and dangerous of smoke and fire damage. We’re your leading cleaning and restoration company in Austin, TX- so don’t wait! 24 hourCorpus Christ water damage service.